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How ANYONE can make insanely better slides
My wife was showing me slides from a meeting she recently attended. I’m sure the material was great, but I didn’t read to find out. The slides literally made m…
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yesterday by fineartdavid
E.W. Dijkstra Archive: Three trip reports rolled into one: 2001.04.16-2001.07.06 (EWD1310)
regarding it as a 16-fold confirmation of the ruinous influence of PowerPoint, for the less of it you use, the better your lecture. [For the record: all our lectures were in blue.] Unwittingly, Manfred demonstrated that influence in his closing words by not referring to our lectures but to our "presentations". [In Austin I cannot avoid the depressing observation that all faculty candidates lack the courage not to use what in MicroSoft's own terminology is "its presentation software".] The bloody electronics only encourage the next steps of the replacement of content by form, and as such contribute to the Great Educational Fraud ( = GEF).
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yesterday by bwiese
Engineering open production efficiency at scale | Berkman Klein Center
Wikipedia, largely used as a synecdoche for open production generally, is a large, complex, distributed system that needs to solve a set of "open problems" efficiently in order to thrive. In this talk, I'll use the metaphor of biology as a "living system" to discuss the relationship between subsystem efficiency and the overall health of Wikipedia.  Specifically, I'll describe Wikipedia's quality control subsystem and some trade-offs that were made in order to make this system efficient through the introduction of subjective algorithms and human computation.  Finally, I'll use critiques waged by feminist HCI to argue for a new strategy for increasing the adaptive capacity of this subsystem and speak generally about improving the practice of applying subjective algorithms in social spaces.  Live demo included!
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2 days ago by jaimoe
Presentations by David Khourshid
muy buenas presentaciones acerca de animación y CSS de David Khourshid
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2 days ago by gorilas
FLIPping out about Animated Layouts: Slides
presentación slides acerca de animación de UI
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2 days ago by gorilas

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