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Predicting chronic comorbid conditions of type 2 diabetes in Newly-Diagnosed Diabetic Patients - Value in Health
"Our cohort includes 4.1million insurance beneficiaries of age≥18yrs between 2005 and 2013. Of these subjects, 34,411 patients were newly-diagnosed with T2D, had continuous enrollment for 6months pre- and 5years post-onset, and did not have the comorbid condition diagnosis before T2D. We developed a prediction model for each condition based on L1-regularization method, which selects few(less than 350 per condition) relevant risk factors from approximately 27K general variables derived from claims data. We defined comorbid conditions based on the validated diabetes complications severity index."
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8 days ago by danhon
Audrey Watters on technology futurists
"Technologists suck at predicting the future. They suck because they don’t understand the past; they’re blind to much of the present. They’re terrible at predicting the future because they fail to grasp the systems and practices surrounding their products, firm in their faith instead that their own genius (and their investors’ continued support) will be enough to muddle forward."
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16 days ago by warnick

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