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Enhanced PowerShell Logging and Sysmon Logs to ElasticSearch and Visualization/Dashboarding using Kibana - Part 1 of Series
My lab comprise of a Windows server 2012 for DC, Win 7 client and ELK stack running on an Ubuntu server.

The enhanced powershell logging features are present in V3 and newer, and therefore all endpoints needs to get the the latest PS V5 installed on them. PS Enhanced logging can be enabled on GPO but in case if you have windows 2012 DC, you would have to download the GPO administrative templates for Windows 10/Windows server 2016 from MS website:
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yesterday by bwiese
Installing PowerShell Core on macOS | Microsoft Docs
PowerShell Core supports macOS 10.12 and higher. All packages are available on our GitHub releases page. After the package is installed, run pwsh from a terminal.
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yesterday by rlamarch
Active Directory
If you need to automate just about anything in Active Directory, check out this long list of Active Directory scripts.
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3 days ago by egwillim
Azure PowerShell – Cross-platform “Az” module replacing “AzureRM” | Blog | Microsoft Azure
There is a new Azure PowerShell module, built to harness the power of PowerShell Core and Cloud Shell, and maintain compatibility with PowerShell 5.1. Its name is Az.
azure  powershell 
4 days ago by andreok
Running PowerShell Scripts Is as Easy as 1-2-3
The 'secure by default' philosophy can make running PowerShell scripts a hassle. With these 3 steps you'll be running PowerShell scripts in no time.
4 days ago by andreok

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