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Wealthy Americans know less than they think they do about food and nutrition
when we surveyed people on a variety of food topics, affluent respondents fared no better, and at times worse, than their lower-earning peers.
food  poverty 
3 hours ago by brycecovert
Here’s another job for migrants in Britain – taking on the City’s greed | Aditya Chakrabortty | Opinion | The Guardian
A small union standing up for low-paid cleaners has set its sights on a corporate colossus, and its patronage of Tate Modern
inequality  poverty  political  postMA 
yesterday by SarahHolyfield
Leveraging the Power of Bots for Civil Society
Fine and Kanter 2018 bots can be used to aid humannsss of interactions eg by freeing up counsellor time and there are questions we need to ask re usage privacy etc in designing this. Civil society. Mencap and crisis and woebot examples.
charity  AI  data  poverty  systems  orgs 
3 days ago by berran
New Insights on Women’s Mobile Phone Ownership | CGAP
The 2016 Gallup World Poll shows that 8 in 10 women worldwide own a mobile phone. Yet far fewer have financial accounts, pointing to the fact that promoting mobile phone ownership does not easily lead to financial inclusion. A new CGAP publication highlights global trends in women's mobile phone ownership and barriers to mobile money uptake, from technical literacy to restrictive cultural norms.
mobile  mobiltelefon  banking  MFIs  poverty  cgap  women 
3 days ago by weitzenegger
Inside the Jordan refugee camp that runs on blockchain
Russ juskalian. Wfp using blockchain for refugee family buying and then pay shops back, future of permanent non-state dependent ID vs privacy, testing on vulnerable, actually like a bank this time and non complete as street stalls not using. So still control issues. Zara Rahman quote.
privacy  data  poverty  ethics  government 
5 days ago by berran
poor people deserve things they want, too.
"These tiny luxuries you give yourself are not sins as dictated from on high by some divine economist who decided you must earn your freedom through oppressive sorrow. These luxuries are the handholds you need to climb out of that pit, to have stamina, to keep focus, to remember that there is another type of life. It can be had, and by you too."
poverty  saving  money  classism 
6 days ago by djwudi
The Jobs Challenge | Bread for the World 2018 Hunger Report
In the United States, the preferred way of ending hunger is by ensuring that everyone who wants a job can get one and that it pays a sufficient wage. The bare minimum that defines a "decent" job is a sufficient wage, which should provide families with the means to put food on the table. For those who are raising children, a decent job should allow them to balance their responsibilities as an employee and parent.
hunger  poverty  BreadfortheWorld 
7 days ago by pierredv

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