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Don't Waste It
Sooner or later, every character gets their shot at a second chance. This is Peter Pettigrew's. He may not deserve it but he certainly wasn't happy with how things ended up. The only question was how to get a better future without having to possess the kind of bravery that the lack of had sent him running to Voldemort in the first place...
fandom:Harry.Potter  PoV:Pettigrew  good!Pettigrew  timetravel.to:PAST  redo  timetraveller:Pettigrew  clever!Pettigrew  complete  archiveofourown.org  author:Sarah1281 
september 2015 by Kehlen
True Gryffindor by latine
Peter's thinks it's not him to fall short on the Gryffindor qualities, but *them*. ||
They were supposed to be Gryffindors, and one ended up hiding, running away; the other one was left alone, and believed that his other old friend was a murderer, while the latter made his best friends change Secret Keepers to save his own skin. How bold, how brave, how heroic they'd all been.
fandom:harry-potter  marauders-era  c:pettigrew  dark  angst  drama  general  pov:pettigrew  <600  rating:pg  author:latine  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover  c:harry-potter 
june 2010 by csad
Hamartia by Scela Letifer
Summary: Pride cometh before the fall. || Dumbledore's manipulations (which go far more back than previously assumed), and his subsequent demise when Harry learns them. So very believably well-written.
fandom:harry-potter  hogwarts-era  c:pettigrew  c:remus  c:sirius  c:dumbledore  general  dark  drama  manipulative!dumbledore  evil!dumbledore  good!pettigrew  character-death  pov:pettigrew  pov:remus  pov:dumbledore  <5.000  rating:r  author:scela_letifer  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover  c:harry-potter 
july 2009 by csad

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<5.000  <600  angst  archiveofourown.org  author:latine  author:sarah1281  author:scela_letifer  c:dumbledore  c:harry-potter  c:pettigrew  c:remus  c:sirius  character-death  clever!pettigrew  complete  dark  drama  evil!dumbledore  fandom:harry-potter  fandom:harry.potter  general  good!pettigrew  hogwarts-era  manipulative!dumbledore  marauders-era  non-crossover  pov:dumbledore  pov:remus  rating:pg  rating:r  redo  status:complete  timetravel.to:past  timetraveller:pettigrew  type:fanfiction 

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