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PyPI postmortem
Failed rollout for the Python package hosting, nice writeup
pypi  python  hosting  postmortem  cdn 
7 days ago by nelson
I built a PWA and published it in 3 app stores. Here's what I learned. - Debugger.Break()
"It’s painful, and costs money, to take an existing PWA and get them functional on mobile platforms and listed in the App Store."
(winner is Google, MS is runner-up, Apple still sucks)
pwa  webdev  hahaonlyserious  ios  android  apple  google  postmortem 
8 days ago by mechazoidal
February 28th DDoS Incident Report | GitHub Engineering
"On Wednesday, February 28, 2018 was unavailable from 17:21 to 17:26 UTC and intermittently unavailable from 17:26 to 17:30 UTC due to a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack."
postmortem  security 
7 weeks ago by peakscale

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