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Pre-Mortem – Gamestorming
Pre-mortem, an approach to think about what could go wrong, to help organize and prevent the things from going wrong.
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28 days ago by benkutil
FastMail Outage, August 1st
FastMail was unavailable to the vast majority of our customers for nearly 3 hours on August 1st.

This was due to a network equipment failure in our primary datacentre at NYI New Jersey. FastMail staff were working closely with NYI during the entire outage period; the failure was within NYI’s equipment, and the fix was done entirely by their staff.

No mail was lost during the outage because power remained on, and no servers were reset. Incoming mail to FastMail customers was either delayed until the New Jersey network came back up, or delivered to the inbound mail service in our Seattle datacenter.

10 weeks ago by micktwomey
XANA & iX: A history & post-mortem of two small operating system projects
The second os was built in the Xanadu data structures ZigZag and kaukatcr
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10 weeks ago by mechazoidal

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