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Using Kubernetes to Deploy PostgreSQL | Severalnines
Using Kubernetes to Deploy PostgreSQL - Added August 11, 2018 at 12:07PM
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19 hours ago by xenocid
Database Soup: Should I Run Postgres on Kubernetes? Part II
Should I Run Postgres on Kubernetes? Part II - Added July 19, 2018 at 12:01PM
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yesterday by xenocid
[Video] Introduction to JSON data types in PostgreSQL |
[Video] Introduction to JSON data types in PostgreSQL - Added July 12, 2018 at 01:28PM
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2 days ago by xenocid
Free Online version of pgFormatter a PostgreSQL SQL syntax beautifier (no line limit here up to 100000 characters).
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2 days ago by f440
Just a Theory [Past]: Always Use TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE
cropp • 6 years ago
I am slightly lost as to why setting the servers default session time zone to 'UTC' makes any sense if you never view your data in 'UTC'. Is this to protect someone trying to insert time without timezone into a timestamp with time zone field? I agree both the app inserting data and the app displaying data should make sure to set there timezone, but if every time I login with pg admin or command line I have to type 'set session time zone PST or PST8PDT' because that's how a business interacts with there data then it makes no sense.

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Basil Bourque cropp • 5 years ago
I too was confused by the sixth bullet:

If your app always needs data in some other time zone, have it SET timezone = 'UTC' on connection.
I assume that was a typo. Perhaps he meant something like:

If your app always needs data in some other time zone,
have it SET timezone = 'XXX' on connection, where XXX is the desired time zone.
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justatheory Mod Basil Bourque • 5 years ago
Yes, that's right.
3 days ago by initself

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