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schickling/dockerfiles: Collection of lightweight and ready-to-use docker images
> Collection of lightweight and ready-to-use docker images

The `postgres-backup-s3` and `postgres-restore-s3` are really nice.
docker  backups  postgres 
13 hours ago by jefftriplett
GraphQL on Postgres | Hasura
Query across tables & views with powerful filtering, pagination and pattern search.

Insert Mutations
Insert single or multiple objects. Make upsert operations on conflict to simplify app logic.

Update Mutations
Update objects based on a condition. Update to Increment/multiply directly.

Delete Mutations
Delete one object or in bulk based on a conditio
postgres  graphql 
13 hours ago by euler
A Pure PostgreSQL Document Database API – Rob Conery
One of the great things about PostgreSQL is its support for JSON document storage.
14 hours ago by pks
Postgres Job Queues and Failure by MVCC | Hacker News
If you're using an external queue such as RabbitMQ, there's basically no way to guarantee a queue message being fired without a "two-phase" transactional approach.

Let's say your use case is creating a user and sending an email verification email. You need to:

1. Start transaction.

2. Create the user.

3. Insert a tuple into an "events to fire" table.

4. Commit.

5. Fire the event.

6. Delete the tuple.

This ensures that if the transaction fails, nothing is fired; if the transaction succeeds, we guarantee that the user now exists, and that the command to fire the event also exists. Thus, if step 5 fails, we still have the "events to fire" tuple, and we can have a cron job running every minute that picks up stragglers. (In practice, you'll need to run steps 5-6 in a transaction that exclusively locks the tuple so that a concurrent cron job doesn't do it.)
postgres  queue  sidekiq  transactions  architecture 
4 days ago by hellsten
Integrating Tools to Manage PostgreSQL in Production | Severalnines
Integrating Tools to Manage PostgreSQL in Production Managing a PostgreSQL installation involves inspection and control over a wide range of aspects in the software/infrastructure stack on which PostgreSQL runs. This must cover: PostgreSQL core provides the database layer on which we trust our data to be stored, processed and served. via Pocket
ifttt  pocket  database  postgres  production  reference  sql  tools 
5 days ago by jeremyday

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