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Racist policing plagues Portland’s nightclubs (Barriers to Entry) — High Country News
“I remember reading (that) and just thinking, ‘What a crock of shit,’ ” Merrithew said. “Her basic explanation was that Portland was a place where there are no real problems. And it was at a time when, like, the childhood poverty rate in this state was 25 percent.”
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Julia Christiansen Hoffman - Wikipedia
Julia Christiansen Hoffman (1856–1934) was an artist and arts patron who fostered the Portland Arts and Crafts movement in the U.S. state of Oregon, through exhibitions and art classes. In 1907 she led the establishment of the Arts and Crafts Society of Portland, a forerunner of the Oregon College of Art and Craft.
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Commentary: Democracy and the Arts | Oregon ArtsWatch
Closing OCAC buries a history that goes back to 1907, when Julia Hoffman helped start it and soon became the face of the school—and the Arts and Crafts movement in Portland. Walk through any of Portland’s inner eastside neighborhoods: Those bungalows, cottages, Queen Annes and four-squares prized so highly now came out of that movement, inspired by Hoffman. The number of artists who taught or learned their craft at what became OCAC is enormous.
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Portland cops love Nazis
Alarmingly chummy text messages with Patriot Prayer
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Portland’s Fourplex Legalization Would Reduce Displacement Almost Everywhere - Sightline Institute
"To understand what this means, you need to know how Portland’s unique fourplex legalization proposal works: in an effort to make every demolition count, it penalizes projects that choose to create fewer homes by giving them lower size caps.

For example, a new one-unit building on a standard 5,000 square foot lot in the city’s most common zone could be up to 2,500 square feet, tops. (That’d be down from 6,750 square feet today.) But a duplex could be up to 3,000 square feet (that is, two 1,500 square foot homes) and a triplex or fourplex, up to 3,500 total.

Scaling building sizes this way, it turns out, has a powerful effect on what sort of buildings are likely to get built while also minimizing the number of demolitions per new home. (It’s all based on empirical work that found building size, not unit count, is the main driver of viability for a new building.)"
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10 days ago by pacpost
How to Tour the Oregon Coast by Bus | Portland Monthly
It's your $25 ticket from Portland to Astoria, Yachats, and so many places in between.
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