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Readers respond: Portland must face reality. It's time for reform
In talking to my fellow Portlanders, it is obvious that these are important issues and a growing nuisance. My coworkers often share experiences of being terrified to walk alone after dark in areas that were once thought to be safe (Grant Park, Laurelhurst, Hollywood, Rose City Park). Several of my coworkers have been assaulted - these are not unfounded fears. There are a myriad of other examples we see and read about in the local news.
3 days ago by corrales
Making coworking space even more accessible: Workfrom WeWork – Silicon Florist
All it takes is signing up for a free Workfrom account. And then you can start buying day use credits at WeWork Pioneer Place for $19 a day. And here’s something even better.
portland  rick-turoczy  wework  siliconflorist.com  coworking  workform 
4 days ago by yolandaenoch
(96) Rides Done Right with Dave Kindig of TV's Bitchin' Rides at the 2016 Portland Roadster Show - YouTube
Rides Done Right with Dave Kindig of TV's Bitchin' Rides at the 2016 Portland Roadster Show
Rides  Done  Right  with  Dave  Kindig  of  TV's  Bitchin'  at  the  2016  Portland  Roadster  Show 
5 days ago by kilroy2
Rukaiyah Adams Traveled From Northeast Portland to Wall Street. Now She's Come Home to Fix Her City. - Willamette Week
And her ideas include using investments to create social justice and rectify racial inequities even while seeking top-tier returns.

"A lot people who want to make social change get involved in politics," says Portland venture capitalist Nitin Rai. "She wants to do it with money."
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11 days ago by emily

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