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Clay Factor Ceramics
Insatiable, minimalist, modern and true -- these are the ethos of Clay Factor Ceramics.

Envisioned and operated by designer maker Minu Oh, Clay Factor is a Portland, Oregon based ceramic studio creating handmade porcelain wares to enrich the daily living experience and elevate objects to a transformative experience of space making and rituals.

We are a boutique studio using mostly wheel throwing method for creating our work, with clay sourced in the Pacific Northwest and materials sourced in the west coast.

The Clay Factor aesthetic developed from Minu’s extensive background as a graphic designer and engineer, with simplicity and modernist style at the heart of our visual expression.

From our 1600 sq ft studio in the Brooklyn district we create work that demonstrates focus on handmade precision based minimal lines, refined contours of form and controlled use of the clay's natural malleable qualities as an aesthetic driver.
ceramics  portland  oregon 
5 days ago by kiranmaxweber
Citizens Photo
Citizens Photo is a locally owned film lab in Portland and has been around since 1946, originally located in inner SE. We provide all of your film and digital processing and printing needs and can develop C41, E6 from 35mm to 8x10 and B&W film up to 11x14. We can also print up to 44" wide on various types of paper.
portland  filmlab  service  filmphotography  e6  development  largeformat 
5 days ago by bwiese
Kennedy School Hotel - McMenamins
A converted school turned into restaurants and bars. And a pool.
portland  food  restaurants  oregon 
8 days ago by emmacarlson
UGB 101: Everything you wanted to know about the urban growth boundary, but were afraid to ask | Metro
Surprisingly good overview. In greater Portland, one driver of rising housing costs are “system development charges” – fees that builders pay to help support construction of the pipes, roads, parks and schools.
portland  urbandevelopment  tualatin 
8 days ago by danielbachhuber
Langlitz Leather | World's Finest Motorcycle Leathers
Visit Langlitz Leathers, the makers of the world's finest motorcycle leathers. When you order a Langlitz, you are not simply a customer. Here at Langlitz Leathers, we will get to know you, and work with you to build your ideal custom garment.
gear  portland  motorcycling 
10 days ago by shannonlucas
#maine #webcam #travel #road #bangor #lincoln #portland #augusta #auto https://t.co/E5YmtpMLy5
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BREAKING: Strike by , a part of the in , spreads into second store as pic…
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