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Mike Wagz - Creative Developer
Mike Wagz is a creative web developer focusing on interactive storytelling, motion design, and web accessibility.
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yesterday by ashwath22
Lap of Luxury | Design Anthology Magazine
How Australian interior design studio Infinite Design gave a 1980s penthouse a modern revamp.
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2 days ago by sevenforasecret
Jennifer Heintz - Designer & Illustrator
Jennifer Heintz is a multidisciplinary designer & illustrator focused on bringing brands to life in print & online.
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2 days ago by ashwath22
Maxim Aksenov
Digital designer focused on creative interactions, typography, and usability
3 days ago by estinchon
Country Retreat | Squarefoot Magazine 297
A simple, serene village house in Tai Po becomes the perfect setting for quality family time.
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3 days ago by sevenforasecret

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