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The 6 Best Zero Waste Stores in Hong Kong | The Loop HK
Instead of accumulating plastic packaging that will only end up in the trash, bring your own reusable containers to carry home what you need from these stores.
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18 hours ago by sevenforasecret
The Best Katsu Sandos in Hong Kong | The Loop HK
Recently, this humble dish is transcending its status as mere comfort food and showing up on the menus of some of the most upscale eateries across town, from hotel restaurants to eateries at the very edge of cool.
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18 hours ago by sevenforasecret
Page Common
Page 148, a new lifestyle focused hotel for urban explorers.
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by Alice Lee
Hi, I'm Alice!

I'm an independent illustrator and artist who loves drawing and designing physical experiences for other people. I draw illustrations, create illustration brand systems with heart, paint murals, and design physical installations and experiences that bring people closer together.
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yesterday by jngo
tim rodenbröker creative coding •
prolific art coder just getting started

"La Luz Negra" → arctiles heh
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2 days ago by inrgbwetrust

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