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‘Who Gets to Be Sexy?’
Interesting look at how the porn industry is changing. “Amateurs are flooding the internet; piracy has addled the once-dominant studios; production has atomized and scattered. But along the way, something interesting has started to happen: Women are rising up.”
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21 days ago by djwudi
Sexuality and the Land
The independence that contraception, sterilization and abortion give us from our fertility is achieved by a simultaneous dependence upon pharmaceutical companies, surgeons, abortionists. The independence pornography gives our sexual arousal from actual encounters with another is achieved by an increased dependence on the pornography industry, on its stars, producers — and slaves. The freedom the ever-growing system of gender theory gives us from binary sexual identities is bought at the price of a dependence on academics to define and validate the pansexual from the omnisexual, the nonsexual from the asexual, the biromantic or the two-spirited from the polyamorous and bisexual. The freedom of divorce is a dependence on the legal system, and the independence surgery gives us from our bodies is simultaneously a dependence on surgeons — and the cash we owe them. Every liberating innovation in the erotic sphere has trailed the chain of an increased dependence on impersonal structures of power behind it. The will to power has made us powerless.
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RT : : Not only does pornography commonly portray a particularly concentrated and toxic version of gender in…
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How Women Are Watching Porn Today, Because We're Viewing It On Our Phones More Than Men
> As of February 2017, Pornhub found that nearly 80 percent of female traffic comes from mobile phones in comparison to just 69 percent for men. That number increased by 10 percent for both men and women since 2014. However, women have consistently been watching porn on mobile than men for years.
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7 weeks ago by porejide
AI Predicted the Future of Porn Searches and We Can't Stop Laughing - VICE
Alex Garland explores the complex implications of our relationship with technology in a mind-bending sci-fi art film.
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9 weeks ago by peterbehr
Here Come the Fake Videos, Too - The New York Times
He said he had created FakeApp as a creative experiment and was chagrined to see Reddit’s deepfake community use it for ill.

“I joined the community based around these algorithms when it was very small (less than 500 people),” he wrote, “and as soon as I saw the results I knew this was brilliant tech that should be accessible to anyone who wants to play around with it. I figured I’d take a shot at putting together an easy-to-use package to accomplish that.”

N. said he didn’t support the use of FakeApp to create nonconsensual pornography or other abusive content. And he said he agreed with Reddit’s decision to ban explicit deepfakes. But he defended the product.

“I’ve given it a lot of thought,” he said, “and ultimately I’ve decided I don’t think it’s right to condemn the technology itself — which can of course be used for many purposes, good and bad.”
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11 weeks ago by osi_info_program

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