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European locations with over 1,000 inhabitants
Best viewed after zooming larger.  Via the Europe subreddit.
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5 days ago by terry
The ‘green new deal’ supported by Ocasio-Cortez and Corbyn is just a new form of colonialism | The Independent
"Rather than face up to the reality that capitalism requires relentless growth and is simply incompatible with tackling climate change, a new scramble for mineral extraction is already being planned with proposals for deep sea mining, that will wreck some of our most fragile ecosystems, with more extraction planned across Brazil, China, India and the Philippines."
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6 days ago by ssam
10 English NHS hospital trusts overspend by £850m | Society | The Guardian
Experts say hospitals cannot keep to budgets because of underfunding and demand
[...] However, trusts should not be blamed for racking up such huge deficits, NHS experts said. Hospitals could not keep to their budget because of government underfunding of the NHS, staff shortages and the fast-rising demand for care rather than profligacy or mismanagement, they stressed.

“The reason hospitals are reporting deficits is very simple: every year since 2010 the amount they have been funded to care for each patient they treat has been cut,” said Sally Gainsbury, a senior policy analyst at the Nuffield Trust health thinktank.
[...] More than 10 trusts had overspends that equated to at least 15% of their 2017-18 budget, Gainsbury said.
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9 days ago by asterisk2a
@lymanstoneky: This discussion of the ethics of having a child given climate change by @umairfan is interesting.... but misses some pretty important pieces of the discussion.
@lymanstoneky: This discussion of the ethics of having a child given climate change by @umairfan is interesting.... but misses some pretty important pieces of the discussion.
Thread  LymanStone  Population  ClimateChange  GlobalWarming 
12 days ago by cbearden
The Technium: The Underpopulation Bomb
> Much of Africa, South America, the Mid-East and Iran have fertility rates that are dropping fast. The drop in fertility in has recently stalled in some sub-Saharan African nations but that is because development there has stalled. When development resumes, fertility will drop again — because fertility rates are linked to urbanity. There is a deep feedback cycle: the more technologically developed a society becomes, the fewer offspring couples will have, the easier it is for them to raise their living standards, the more that progress lowers their desire for large families. The result is the spiral of modern technological population decline — a new but now universal pattern.
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14 days ago by tonyyet
Human society under urgent threat from loss of Earth's natural life | Environment | The Guardian
"Agriculture and fishing are the primary causes of the deterioration. Food production has increased dramatically since the 1970s, which has helped feed a growing global population and generated jobs and economic growth. But this has come at a high cost. The meat industry has a particularly heavy impact. Grazing areas for cattle account for about 25% of the world’s ice-free land and more than 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Crop production uses 12% of land and creates less than 7% of emissions."

"“People shouldn’t panic, but they should begin drastic change. Business as usual with small adjustments won’t be enough.”"

While sad this report makes me super happy that we can finally see and talk sense about the problem. Neither "the world" nor "the planet" are at risk, but human society certainly is.
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14 days ago by ssam
The global population pyramid
How global demography has changed and what we can expect for the 21st century
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14 days ago by mirthe

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