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The percentage of young U.S. children who don’t receive any vaccines has quadrupled since 2001, according to a new report from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention.
A pair of reports highlight a growing concern among health officials about children who aren’t getting protection against preventable diseases.
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9 days ago by joeybaker
Tennessee, nationwide voting registrations spike after Taylor Swift gets political on Instagram
Voting registrations have significantly increased just a day after singer Taylor Swift posted a rare political Instagram post.
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Climate change denial strongly linked to right-wing nationalism, finds a new study.
Scientific awareness of the greenhouse effect, and human influence on the climate has existed for over three decades. During the 1980s, there was a strong environmental movement and a political consensus on the issue, but in recent years, climate change denial – denying that changes to the climate a
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8 weeks ago by joeybaker
Indonesia's top Islamic body issues fatwa against measles vaccine, calling it 'religiously forbidden'
Indonesia’s peak Islamic body issues a fatwa declaring the Rubella-Measles vaccine to be haram or religiously forbidden.
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8 weeks ago by joeybaker
A study has found that in the last 32 years of annually-assessed student opinions, it is clear that belief among students that a god is the ultimate or contributing cause of human origins has steeply declined from being a majority view in 1986 to being a
32-year-long Australian study reveals steep decline in student belief that God created humans Australian university students give far more credit than the previous generation to the science of human evolution and far less to creationism or divine guidance, according to a landmark new study.
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8 weeks ago by joeybaker

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