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The Top 25 Songs That Matter Right Now - The New York Times
On the 30 songwriter credits for "Sicko Mode":
Scott raps three words — “Gimme the Loot” — and as a result, 14 different people earn credits.
music  songwriting  popmusic  rap 
6 weeks ago by madamim
Valerie Simpson Interview - Songwriting, Ashford & Simpson
You know, it’s a very interesting process when you’ve had a partner as long as I did. And suddenly (after Nick passed away), you find yourself having to examine songs differently, because I never had to think about a lyric. So now, I think about lyrics and I write lyrics. I now write the whole song, and I realize I’m able to do it.
songwriting  creativity  relationships  music  popmusic  art  writing  language 
7 weeks ago by allaboutgeorge
‘Leaving Neverland’: How Michael Jackson Used Celebrity - The Atlantic
Americans might talk about celebrities as celestial forces, but celebrity is also, Jackson knew, a kind of infrastructure: an architectural fact around which other truths, whether art or talent or funding or the longings of the human soul, will assemble themselves.
architecture  celebrity  music  popmusic  documentary  movies  cinema  film  1980s  crime  entertainment 
7 weeks ago by allaboutgeorge
Pop culture is no longer full of apocalyptic nuclear visions. That’s too bad. - The Washington Post
We need activism, but we also need new stories, to push us to confront this nightmare before it’s too late.
1980s  pop  popmusic  culture  russia  usa  military 
8 weeks ago by allaboutgeorge
The Poetic Consequences of K-Pop
Poetry as a medium delivers affective responses in ways traditional narrative prose may not. Mores of grammar, syntax, and logic could be smudged without explanation or excuse, and there was beauty in that chaos and blur. In poetry, I realized again and again that “failures” were in fact openings to more possibilities.
poetry  language  korea  canada  writing  fiction  music  popmusic  pop  asia  creativity 
8 weeks ago by allaboutgeorge
Streambait Pop | Liz Pelly
The problem is not the chill-pop musicians, but a self-replicating system that continuously rewards the same styles—the ones that users will stream endlessly, whether they’re paying attention or not.
music  attention  social  business  reputation  creativity  pop  popmusic  culture 
january 2019 by allaboutgeorge
Can we learn to love French pop music? - BBC News
A French language radio station launching in the UK will play mostly Gallic pop. Could this be the right time for Britain to rethink its sniffy attitude to le genre?
FrenchLanguage  FrenchMusic  BBCNews  BBCNewsMagazine  Nemone  PopMusic  Radio  Music 
december 2018 by dk33per
The best 2018 music from queer artists and outsiders.
Ann Powers, on the Slate 2018 Music Club:
Many of my favorite recordings of 2018 were made by perceived outsiders cultivating resistance by expressing themselves, challenging historical norms, and just being fierce. There’s a reason “Thank U, Next” became the year’s anthem the nanosecond it came out: With her resolute determination to thrive despite repeated encounters with tragedy, Ariana Grande is our divine messenger right now, and her message is love and patience and learning from pain.
bestof  2018  pop  music  popmusic 
december 2018 by madamim
How a New Kind of Pop Star Stormed 2018 - The New York Times
definitive 2018 in pop piece by caramanica. "Pop 2.0" is kind of lacking as a name, though. great data sidebars, too.
popmusic  bestof  2018  music  crit 
december 2018 by madamim

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