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How Duterte Turned Facebook Into a Weapon—With Help From Facebook - Bloomberg
Repressive governments originally treated Facebook, and all social media, with suspicion—they saw how it could serve as a locus for dissidents, as it had in the Arab Spring in 2011. But authoritarian regimes are now embracing social media, shaping the platforms into a tool to wage war against a wide range of opponents—opposition parties, human-rights activists, minority populations, journalists.
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yesterday by robincamille
I Don't Like Your Examples! by Steven Feuerstein
What is the place of politics in a technical resource?
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yesterday by leereamsnyder
Inside Trump’s Hour-by-Hour Battle for Self-Preservation - The New York Times
At a turning point, the NYT reflects. But there are shades of a Hitler regime tamping down opposition and resistance by delegitimization.
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yesterday by mcmorgan
I study liars. I’ve never seen one like President Trump.
I don't usually include politics in the roundups, but this opinion piece covers a topic in our current "situation" that I've found morbidly fascinating. The rate and maliciousness with which Trump lies is historic. Not just for a president, but for a human. The internet makes it possible, but it also makes speedy fact-checking easier. So, break even? Not really.
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yesterday by ttscoff
Michael Flynn’s Shady Past at DIA and Before Reveals He Was a Fraud | Observer
Mike Flynn was never the savvy intelligence intellectual he pretended to be, which explains why his directorship at DIA was such a disaster.
yesterday by jellis

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