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The bad behavior of the richest: what I learned from wealth managers | US news | The Guardian
Behaviors indulged in the rich are not just condemned in the poor, but used as a justification to punish them, denying them access to resources that keep them alive, such as healthcare and food assistance. Discussion of poverty has become almost impossible without moral outrage directed at lazy “welfare queens”, “crackheads” and other drug addicts, and the “promiscuous poor” (a phrase that has cropped up again and again in discussions of public benefits over more than a century).
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1 hour ago by craniac
Trump officials plan maintenance downtime for healthcare.gov during ObamaCare sign-ups | TheHill
The Trump administration is planning hours-long downtimes for maintenance on healthcare.gov during the coming ObamaCare sign-up period.
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2 hours ago by neverminding
Confessions of an ex-voter
Even those who do not share my views will understand, I hope, the sense of futility I am attempting to describe. Among other things it is the reason is that I am mostly sanguine about Donald Trump's presidency. His rule is nakedly imperial; his will, mutable and frivolous. His authority is lawful not lovable. The capriciousness of his decisions, the hideousness of his conduct, and the visible descent of his mind and body into a ribald senescence are easier to bear if one sees him as a decadent potentate late in the decline of an empire rather than as the tribune of a conscientious citizenry in a flourishing republic. I have neither the power nor the will to alter the reality of Trump's presidency.
2 hours ago by dwalbert
On fake investigations
"With the help of the Trump administration, the Saudi regime is trying to sell us a brand new fake investigation."

In the age of "fake news" and "alternative facts" you, of course, have "fake investigations", too - the sort that FBI did on Brett Kavanaugh's sexual misconduct allegations and now the sort Donald Trump tells us Mohammed bin Salman is doing into allegations of his own suspected involvement in the brutal murder of the dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Has anyone ever heard anything more absurd - for an accused to investigate himself? Yes, of course, we live in Trump time - any absurdity is the new normal. ...
Two years into his presidency, the whole world knows Donald Trump runs the US presidency the way he runs his real estate business: with no sense of decency, half a criminal brain, the meagre vocabulary of a failing middle schooler, covered by a cascade vulgarity of a gangster who thinks the whole world is his to cheat, to fool, and to rob. But, and here is the rub, we must never reduce this to Donald Trump himself; for, thanks to Trump and his associates, the world is, in fact, witness to the constitutional DNA of US politics, hitherto successfully hidden behind the thin and beguiling veneer of civility that perhaps Barack Obama best personified. With Trump, we see the real deal.
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2 hours ago by jimmykduong
Should children be activists? - CNN
(CNN)The children's sections at bookstores tend to be outfitted with the trappings of fantasy. I've seen many dressed up like treehouses or castles with cardboard turrets topping bookshelves. No matter the motif, the effect is the same: Books, children are to understand, are a chance to escape reality and its many limitations.
But lately, the books on display have been sending a different message. Children's literature, like everything else, has become increasingly politicized, with a hard-edged focus on the here-and-now. I can buy a board book called "A is for Activist" for my toddler, and for my kindergartner, there are a whole slew of titles to choose from, including the recently published "What Can a Citizen Do?" by Dave Eggers. Gender equality, racism, poverty, immigrants' rights, political engagement, it's all there, vying with those anachronistic castles and whimsical foliage for relevancy.
We have a couple of these books, and while I appreciate the historical and sociological lessons some of these books contain, I felt torn about their application.
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2 hours ago by rgl7194
How to Vote
Demi Adejuyigbe with a short lesson on how to democracy.
3 hours ago by glass
Opinion | Donald Trump’s Perverse Advantage - The New York Times
When you’ve sunk this low, there’s nowhere to go but sideways. Elizabeth Warren screwed up. That’s clear. via Pocket
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4 hours ago by robmck
Opinion | Step Away From the Orb - The New York Times
WASHINGTON — I was having dinner here once with a Saudi muck-a-muck. Midway through the interview, he passed an oblong velvet box across the table. Inside I found an expensive piece of jewelry. I began laughing and explained that I was a reporter and could not take such baubles. via Pocket
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4 hours ago by robmck
Opinion | Desperately Seeking Principled Republicans - The New York Times
The party has lost its way, and it’s time to start over. Just as deer populations need wolves or cougars to keep them healthy, Democrats benefit from predatory Republicans. via Pocket
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4 hours ago by robmck
White women voters are sticking -- not just with Kemp, but Trump, too
On some recent polling data (Oct. 2018) showing that white women in Georgia continue to support both Donald Trump and GOP gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp against Stacy Abrams, the Democratic nominee who would be the first African American woman governor ever if elected.
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