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North Country awarded $64.8M in economic development aid
"Regional-based economic development is vital for maintaining New York’s thriving, prosperous economy"
news  adirondacks  newyork  politics  taxes  economicdevelopment 
19 minutes ago by adirondacks
What's wrong with Huawei, and why are countries banning the Chinese telecommunications firm?
> The focus of many security agencies and countries on Huawei’s involvement in 5G systems raises the stakes, too: The next generation of wireless technology is expected to fuel even more connectivity in the “internet of things,” linking smart cars, smart homes and smart cities together. Billions of devices will be involved, all communicating with each other, forming what could become a surveillance web over much of the planet, and exponentially expanding the number of potential targets for spying. As governments seek to ensure 5G is secure and trusted around the world, Huawei may find its prospects limited by its links to the Chinese government.
Huawei  5g  politics  china 
43 minutes ago by cote
Does terrorism work? We studied 90 groups to get the answer
> We found that only six of the 45 terror groups – that’s 13.3 percent – accomplished their broader goals; the others did not... Meanwhile, among the 45 groups that chose not to use terrorism, 26 – or 57.8 percent – achieved their objectives, while 19 did not.
studies  politics  terrorism  charts 
46 minutes ago by cote
Opinion | It Doesn’t Matter Who Replaces Merkel. Germany Is Broken. - The New York Times
The erosion of the country’s postwar order has created a populace open to messages and movements previously banished to the fringes. Talk of succession is in the air. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  digitalliteracy  politics  politik 
2 hours ago by hansdorsch
Trump charity fraud
The sad denouement to one of the more petty grifts of the Trump family
trump  crime  fraud  charity  politics 
6 hours ago by nelson

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