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EU migrant visas 'should be for those working antisocial hours' | UK news | The Guardian
Goodhart said: “A Brexit without a clear end to free movement in its current form is neither possible nor desirable, as it was clearly one of the biggest single factors behind the Brexit vote.

“One of the problems with freedom of movement is that it has created a new category of resident: someone who is neither a temporary visitor, such as a tourist, nor someone who is making a permanent commitment to a new country in the manner of the traditional immigrant. Many of those taking advantage of free movement in recent years have enjoyed the rights of the latter with the attitude of the former,” he said.
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february 2018 by petej
BBC News - Internet training would cut pensioner loneliness, says think tank
Loneliness among the over-65s could be tackled by training more older people to use the internet, a report by a centre-right think tank has suggested.

Policy Exchange has called for every person in the UK to be taught basic digital skills, including how to send emails and use social networking sites.
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june 2014 by socialreporter
Careless: Funding long-term care for the elderly
Report from Policy Exchange: "The Commission on the funding of care and support long-term announced by the Coalition Government should not consider paying for care solely through general taxation. The report says that free personal care funded out of general taxation, as was introduced in Scotland in 2002, could cost the Government up to £106 billion each year – the equivalent to funding a second NHS. It recommends instead that the Commission considers three specific funding models: the King’s Fund partnership model; a social insurance model as used in Europe, and a hybrid model whereby the State guarantees some level of care, but people are required to top-up for their long term care through insurance or annuity backed products."
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Policy Exchange
Interesting think-tank. Via CookSarah.
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Guido Fawkes 2.0: Nick Boles and Iain Dale part company with Policy Exchange
"two-faced spin-happy bully-boy bullshit" just about sums up 'Guido Fawkes' and the people who hang out on his blog...
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february 2007 by smatthewman

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