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Special Session with Michael Pompeo, Secretary of State of the United States - YouTube
usa  international  policy 
29 minutes ago by jayyy
Restrict Access of Users to Specific EC2 Resources
Can I restrict an IAM user’s EC2 access to specific resources?
aws  access  permissions  ec2  resources  iam  policy 
2 hours ago by slmingol
Crime, Guns, and the Complexity of America | National Review
The New York Times notes the remarkable drop in crime to which Americans have been treated over the last two decades, and concludes that nobody is quite sure what explains it:

The reasons for the broad drop in crime remain elusive. It has ...
weaponry  policy  america  modern-era 
7 hours ago by Kjaleshire
Assault Weapons: The Gun Controllers' Phony War | [site:name] | National Review
Hillary and other gun-control advocates take on the easy and phony target of "assault weapons."
weaponry  policy 
7 hours ago by Kjaleshire
Have You Read The Federalist Papers of American Conservatism? | Intercollegiate Studies Institute: Educating for Liberty
The classic 1964 book What Is Conservatism?, featuring essays by F. A. Hayek, William F. Buckley Jr., Russell Kirk, and other giants, is as relevant today as ever. Jonah Goldberg explains why.
america  politics  policy  modern-era  culture 
7 hours ago by Kjaleshire
A Display of Ignorance | National Review
New York Magazine recently made some interesting if predictable errors on the subject of gun-control laws in New York and Connecticut. At issue were state bans on so-called assault weapons (an imaginary category of firearms; to the extent that such ...
weaponry  policy 
7 hours ago by Kjaleshire
Self-Defense & Second Amendment Rights | National Review
Progressives are challenging the Second Amendment’s purpose as a guarantor of the right to self-defense.
weaponry  rebuttals  policy 
9 hours ago by Kjaleshire
Why Democrats should support open borders | Reece Jones | Opinion | The Guardian
How many people would actually move if borders were open? A 2011 Gallop survey found that 14% of the world population would like to move to another country, with perhaps 100 million wanting to go to the US. These numbers may alarm some, but these movements would happen over years, or even decades.

Furthermore, they are less than the rate of population growth in the United States in the late 19th century through migration. Thirty million people from Europe arrived in the United States between 1815 and 1915. At the beginning of that era, in 1815, the US population was only 8.5 million.
policy  politics 
yesterday by sandykoe
Life sciences: industrial strategy - GOV.UK
Recommended reading by Phil Booth of medConfidential to understand push to commercialise health records for research purposes and the blurring of the lines between care and secondary use.
healthprivacy  privacy  dataexploitation  genetics  uk  policy 
yesterday by becky_hogge

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