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She said she was sexually assaulted by a state trooper. His camera footage shows otherwise.
The story [Sherita] Dixon-Cole spun afterward was alarming: She claimed the trooper repeatedly told her he would let her go in exchange for sexual favors. When she said no, she claimed the trooper sexually assaulted her, according to a statement Monday from her attorney.
The 37-year-old North Texas woman’s story was widely shared on social media, aided and amplified by social activist Shaun King, who recently brought attention to the New York lawyer who made xenophobic comments about Spanish-speaking employees at a New York deli.
“This system was not designed to protect us — it was designed to punish us,” King wrote in a blog post, “and for it to do anything other than that — we must force it work on our behalf.”
But on Tuesday, the Texas Department of Safety released nearly two hours’ of body camera footage that starkly conflicted with Dixon-Cole’s claims. While parts of the video are blurred or inaudible to conceal Dixon-Cole’s personal information, it shows her being pulled over and asked to take a sobriety test. She’s then handcuffed and transported to the Ellis County jail, where she’s charged with a DWI. She was released Sunday night after posting bond.
Lee Merritt, Dixon-Cole’s Dallas-based attorney, apologized for her sexual-assault claims in a statement Wednesday, saying the footage conflicted with what was reported to him. ...
King, the activist who has worked with a number of anti-police brutality and misconduct causes including Black Lives Matter, appears to have deleted his tweet sharing Dixon-Cole’s allegations. On Wednesday, he tweeted that the body camera footage “does not appear to show any verbal threats, sexual assault, or police brutality.” He also amended his blog post to acknowledge the body camera footage.
Still, the incident exemplified the power of King’s position, and the widespread attention to the case could probably be traced back to his sway on Twitter. During the Charlottesville protests in August — when six white supremacists kicked a 20-year-old African American and pummeled him with what appeared to be wooden sticks and a large board — King took it upon himself to try to identify the assailants so they could be arrested.
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A woman said a Texas state trooper sexually assaulted her. Her lawyer apologized after seeing body cam video
A woman who said a Texas state trooper sexually assaulted her could face charges herself, after body cam video released by Texas Department of Public Safety shows no evidence of officer misconduct.
Sherita Dixon-Cole accused DPS trooper Daniel Hubbard of “forcefully groping” her in a sexual assault inside and outside of his cruiser during a traffic stop last weekend. Her claims were shared more than 50,000 times online, thanks to posts by Dixon-Cole’s attorney Lee Merritt and social activist Shaun King.
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Facial recognition arrests
Chinese police arrested 3 different wanted people based on facial recognition at a concert. Similar tech is being used in the US.
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Thanks To AI, A 3rd Person Is Arrested Following A Pop Superstar's Concert
In Jiaxing, China, on Sunday evening, a man — one of some 20,000 people attending a concert by pop star Jacky Cheung — was arrested after being identified by an artificial intelligence-powered facial recognition system, which China built after announcing in 2015 that it was creating a facial database. "A few minutes after he passed through the security checkpoint, our system issued a warning that he was a wanted person," an official with the Nanhu District Public Security Bureau told the Qianjiang Evening News. The man, who authorities identified only by his surname, Yu, is accused of having stolen around $17,000 worth of potatoes in 2015.
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How One Woman’s Fight to Save Her Family Helped Lead to a Mass Exoneration | The New Yorker
Clarissa Glenn’s troubles with the law began on Mother’s Day, 2004, when she was on her way to the Pancake House with her three sons—Ben, Jr., Gerard, and Deon. They left their apartment in the Ida B. Wells Homes, a housing project on the South Side of Chicago, to meet her partner, Ben Baker, outside the building. They found him talking with a police sergeant named Ronald Watts, a notorious figure in the project. Watts oversaw a team of police officers who were supposed to be rooting out the project’s drug trade, but he was in fact running his own “criminal enterprise,” as another officer later put it. Watts extorted money from drug dealers and other residents, and when they didn’t pay him he fabricated drug charges against them. That morning, Ben said, the sergeant had tried to shake him down. Ben told him, “Man, fuck you. Do your motherfucking job,” before walking away.
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UW Police detained Joey Gibson and other far-right activists for possessing guns on campus | The Stranger
University of Washington police briefly detained six far-right activists, including a U.S. Senate candidate, after they brought firearms to campus as a display of gun rights, according to a UW police spokesperson.
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Pour en finir avec les fiches S - Journal d'un avocat
Ce qui veut dire a contrario que 11 ne l’étaient pas, ce qui fait 34%, mais surtout que 99,79% des fichés S ne sont pas passés à l’acte ces six dernières années. Ce sont des pourcentages qui devraient déjà faire réfléchir les amateurs de solutions simplistes.
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Amazon teams up with law enforcement to deploy dangerous new face recognition technology • ACLU of Northern CA
<p>Marketing materials and documents obtained by ACLU affiliates in three states reveal a product that can be readily used to violate civil liberties and civil rights. Powered by artificial intelligence, <a href="https://aws.amazon.com/rekognition/">Rekognition</a> can identify, track, and analyze people in real time and recognize up to 100 people in a single image. It can quickly scan information it collects against databases featuring tens of millions of faces, according to Amazon.

Amazon is marketing Rekognition for government surveillance. According to its marketing materials, it views deployment by law enforcement agencies as a “common use case” for this technology. Among other features, the company’s materials describe “person tracking” as an “easy and accurate” way to investigate and monitor people. Amazon says Rekognition can be used to identify “people of interest” raising the possibility that those labeled suspicious by governments — such as undocumented immigrants or Black activists — will be seen as fair game for Rekognition surveillance. It also says Rekognition can monitor “all faces in group photos, crowded events, and public places such as airports” — at a time when Americans are joining public protests at unprecedented levels.

Amazon’s Rekognition raises profound civil liberties and civil rights concerns. Today, the ACLU and a coalition of civil rights organizations demanded that Amazon stop allowing governments to use Rekognition.</p>

I think this horse has long since left the stable. If not Amazon, then it will be Facebook; or a Chinese company; or someone else. We're already in the age of facial recognition; it's just going to get better.
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