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10 Foods You Can't Feed Your Dog
Many families are used to feeding their dogs “people food”… leftovers, maybe a little piece of something during a meal… but there are actually quite a few foods that you may or may not realize can be quite harmful to your favorite furry friend!
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5 weeks ago by leehopkins
More than 70 people overdose in New Haven as park visitors watch in horror | Fox News
Synthetic marijuana, which generally is plant material sprayed with chemicals that mimic the high from real marijuana, has been blamed for overdoses across the country.

Authorities suspect synthetic cannabinoids, known as K2, were laced with other substances in the New Haven cases, ABC News reported.

K2 can result in seizures, psychosis and even death.

Officials were testing the blood of the victims to see exactly what they ingested.
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8 weeks ago by suitable
Popular Weed Killer May Be Responsible for Global Bee Deaths - Motherboard
The chemical glyphosate is the active ingredient in Roundup, a potent herbicide sold by Monsanto, and other similar products. A new study by researchers at the University of Texas at Austin found that it destroys bees’ specialized gut bacteria, exposing them to infection by deadly bacteria.

Glyphosate is the world’s best-selling herbicide, despite its links to cancer in humans. It works by targeting an enzyme in plants and some microorganisms known as EPSPS, or 5-enolpyruvylshikimate-3-phosphate synthase. According to the study, bee gut bacteria also contains this enzyme, which helps to ward off infections and regulate overall health.

When the scientists exposed bees to the Roundup ingredient, the bees’ healthy bacteria decreased, disrupting their microbiome—a mini-ecosystem of gut microbes responsible for all manner of tasks, such as blocking pathogenic invaders and processing food.
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10 weeks ago by bwiese
Rat poison, Prezzo and the Russian model: odd Salisbury subplot begins to unravel | UK news | The Guardian
She also has interesting friends. On Facebook there is a picture purporting to be her with “Fast Eddie” Davenport on a four-poster bed. She is in her underwear while Davenport and another man are in their pyjamas.
There is another link with Davenport. Shapiro and King are listed as directors at Gem Locations UK, which offers “a wide range of services such as hospitality, entertainment, event management, location scouting and concierge”. The correspondence address for the company is 32 Portland Place, a mansion house in central London.
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11 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
My Grandma the Poisoner - VICE
"I've come to believe that my grandmother literally poisoned those around her."
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august 2018 by chritter

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