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to 's segment on "Horserace Coverage" (i.e. who can win and who can't) of presidential elections a…
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yesterday by Smokler
If you are using only to learn something from your field you are doing it wrong. Podcasts are the best wa…
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2 days ago by ravivyas
Bullseye | Maximum Fun
Pop culture podcast with Jesse Thorn.
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3 days ago by pb
Ira Glass: The Man Who Launched a Thousand Podcasts by Without Fail from Gimlet Media
"In November 1995, Ira Glass quietly launched the first episode of This American Life. The rest, as they say, is history. Today his show is a colossal success and Ira Glass is a household name. But in the intervening two decades, Ira has left an indelible mark on the industry by helping to shape hundreds of podcasts and as well as hundreds of podcasters—including Alex. On this episode, Alex sits down with his mentor and former boss to talk about the early days at This American Life, what Ira taught Alex, and how being a good boss means learning to set people free."
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3 days ago by briansholis

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