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Ada Ivanova | Syntaxxx - Part 2
6 POD (Print on Demand) Sites for Designers to Sell Their Work
POD  webdesign 
2 days ago by brittanydael
How to Design for Print on Demand Sites | Syntaxxx
There is no universal rule which kind of designs go on which products but I guess you get the idea. One example I can think of are patterns. They are great for phone cases, towels, wrapping paper, etc. but are not a great idea for T-shirts because T-shirts usually sell best when they have some text and/or images, not a pattern that repeats itself over and over again.
2 days ago by brittanydael
Not So Standard Deviations: 63 - Book Club, Part 1
Hilary and Roger discuss chapter 1 of Design Thinking by Nigel Cross.
8 days ago by zryb
How It Works | Solid
Within the Solid ecosystem, you decide where you store your data. Photos you take, comments you write, contacts in your address book, calendar events, how many miles you run each day from your fitness tracker… they’re all stored in your Solid POD. This Solid POD can be in your house or workplace, or with an online Solid POD provider of your choice. Since you own your data, you’re free to move it at any time, without interruption of service.
Solid  POD  Social  Web  Linked-Data  Trust  Privacy  Service 
9 days ago by haschek

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