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Standards, compliance, and Rational Unified Process
"This article explains the proper relationship between RUP and industry standards, what compliance means, how to leverage standards to improve your tailored use of RUP, and how you integrate them with RUP to achieve business value."
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april 2018 by l1nktrackr
Original Gantt chart for the Empire State bldg construction project. hasn't changed much since then
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Pragmatisches IT-Projektmanagement
In diesem Buch wird basierend auf dem PMBOK® Guide, einer vom Project Management Institute (PMI) herausgegebenen Sammlung von »Best Practices«, eine einfache, aber höchst effiziente Vorgehensweise für das Management von Softwareentwicklungsprojekten vorgestellt. Die Autoren übertragen die Essenz des PMBOK® Guide auf die Anforderungen der Softwareentwicklung, ergänzen hilfreiche Werkzeuge und zeigen die praktische Anwendung. Als Ergebnis wird das praxiserprobte Vorgehen »PITPM« auf Basis des PMBOK® Guide präsentiert. Das Buch enthält hilfreiche Prozessillustrationen und zahlreiche Vorlagen für Ergebnisdokumente.
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april 2014 by fzim73
The underlying theory of project management is obsolete PDF
In prior literature, it has been generally seen that there is no explicit theory of project management. We contend that it is possible to precisely point out the underlying theoretical foundation of project management as espoused in the PMBOK Guide by PMI and mostly applied in practice. This foundation can be divided into a theory of project and a theory of management. We link theories to the body of knowledge by comparing prescriptions derived from theory to prescriptions presented in the PMBOK. Secondly, we show, by a comparison to competing theories and by an analysis of anomalies (deviations from assumptions or outcomes as implied in the body of knowledge) observed in project management practice, that this foundation is obsolete and has to be substituted by a wider and more powerful theoretical foundation
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october 2013 by sserzant

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