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Purple Plush Pillow Review
Purple is known for it’s strange and innovative products so when they decided to release a more traditional type of pillow, I wasn’t sure what to think. This pillow doesn’t claim to be everything that it’s not. It’s customizable, yes, that’s true but not in a way that would bore you and while it is a more traditional take on the pillow, it doesn’t claim to be yet another down-alternative pillow, because it isn’t and it doesn’t feel like one. It doesn’t have to.
purple  plush  pillow  review 
march 2019 by vishalingole
Shop — Throwboy
Shop top quality pillows & products inspired by the tech you love.
wishlist  plush  apple  macos 
february 2019 by gzfrancisco
Custom Stuffed Animals of Art, Custom Plush Dolls | Budsies
Budsies turns art into custom stuffed animals, makes custom plush dolls of people, large stuffed animals, and plushies for brands, authors, & more. Ships Worldwide.
custom  kid  gift  art  stuffie  stuffy  plush 
july 2018 by kpieper876
Here’s some photos I took of those two recently completed commissions! 😻😺
Commission  Plushie  Plush  Furry  from twitter_favs
june 2018 by ciphpercoder
Amigurumi Puppy Crochet Puppy Doll Stuffed Toy Stuffed Animal Home Decor Birthday
Plush  Dog  Pug  Amigurumi  gift  from twitter_favs
may 2018 by stevechic

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