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Mojo – MojoHaus Maven Plugins Project
The MojoHaus project is a collection of plugins for Apache Maven 2 & 3.
mojo  mojohaus  maven  plugin  java  programming  build  tool 
4 hours ago by vicchow
Emma by - Get to know anyone with 1 click.
Get to know anyone in 1 click.

Meet Emma, our new AI-powered Chrome extension gives you instant behavioral insights on LinkedIn for prospective hires, sales prospects, and teammates.
social  linkedin  app  extension  addon  plugin  chrome  networking 
13 hours ago by sebbi
Global Meta Box Order |
How to lock in a specified edit form order for fields.
wordpress  plugin  ax 
yesterday by dirtystylus
Cucumber Living Docs Jenkins Plugin
Jenkins is an open source automation server
cucumber  docs  bdd  plugin  jenkins 
yesterday by phatblat

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