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Major League Baseball Free Pick to Click: Reds at Royals
A pair of last place teams meet in the first game of a two-game interleague series at the “K” tonight in KCMO. In addition two pitchers that start for their respective teams are a pair of righties that will be for sale, or should be, long before the trade deadline. The aforementioned pertains to reality […]

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2019 National Football League Playoff Propositions (June 11)
The Vegas and Offshore Sportsbooks are now in full football mode. This due to the seasons closing National Basketball Association and National Hockey League championship series. Now with the focus on football propositions the oddsmakers will be continually updating their current football futures and creating a variety of new options for gamers in relation to […]

The post 2019 National Football League Playoff Propositions (June 11) appeared first on WagerTalk News .
NFL  Picks  Predictions  and  Odds  Playoff  arizona  cardinals  david  johnson  la  rams  ccoreboard  live  player  stats  props  team  san  fran  niners  seattle  seahawks 
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Digital innovation: award winner and runners up | Higher Education Network | The Guardian
To respond to this challenge, the OU developed a new media tool: the accessible interactive media player (AIM). This runs in all modern web browsers and devices, and delivers audio-visual content alongside additional features that make it more accessible to disabled people.

AIM offers a range of features, including subtitles and interactive transcripts – where, if a student clicks on a paragraph of text, the video advances to that point. Students can also navigate videos through chapter markers and playlists, while text and audio descriptions improve access for sight-limited users. Students can also use in-video annotations to add extra information.

The tool doesn’t just benefit disabled students, it also makes online resources easier for other students to navigate. It’s also hoped that the videos will allow academics to adopt new pedagogical techniques - for instance, a multiple-choice question can pop up at a specific point over the video, with each answer hyperlinked to a different place, congratulating those who get it right and providing additional information to others.

The AIM has been rolled out for all modules and since 2017 is available to around 175,000 students.
ou  video  player  award  ouplayer  guardian  accessibility 
11 days ago by ndf
Aiseesoft Mac Blu-ray Player Promotion
Software to allow the playback of Blu-ray discs on Mac. Despite spelling errors on website, MacWorld and CNet gave it positive reviews.
Blu-ray  player  software  MacOS 
12 days ago by chrismyth
Zhangdroid/Gokotta: A simple music player built by electron and vue
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
electron  vuejs  music  player 
14 days ago by oppara
Fill Your Head with Tunes: Using Spotify with Alfred Workflows - Alfred Blog
To say we use Spotify a lot would be an understatement; we listen to Spotify every day, so here's how you can use the Spotify Mini Player workflow with Alfred.
alfred  workflow  spotify  music  listen  play  player  control 
23 days ago by ebouchut

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