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What if Instagram Got Rid of Likes?
Max Read | Twitter
i like the semi-revisionist idea of "metrics" as a small transparent window into platform surveillance, their disappearance representing not some mythical "healthier" social media but the complete, final closure of the black box
platforms  BlackBox  surveillance  SurveillanceCapitalism  from twitter_favs
17 days ago by loughlin
Be considerate of others' reasonable requirement for privacy when choosing comms / collaboration platforms
So this x1000. Requiring other people to use privacy-invasive data-harvesting platforms* for the privilege of communicating with you is incredibly inconsiderate and arrogant.

*seriously - read the ‘privacy’ policy. It basically says ‘YOUR DATA WILL BE ASSIMILATED”
platforms  PrivacyCommunications  from twitter_favs
18 days ago by loughlin
Technology platforms are losing control
MAY 22, 2019 | | Financial Times | John Gapper.
Amazon  competition  platforms 
22 days ago by jerryking
Facebook and Google pressured EU experts to soften fake news regulations, say insiders
Facebook massively pressured EU experts to keep them from inquiring into whether the platform‘s business model enables disinformation, eventually leading to weak EU mechanisms on disinfo. My -Investigation with via
Facebook  google  platforms  FakeNews  from twitter
27 days ago by loughlin
Social networks do not have a "duty of care"
Duty of care can mean a bunch of legal possibilities; fiduciary duties, parental responsibilities, public body duties, "neighbourliness" in negligence - no legal analysis has been applied when it is spattered over social networks
platforms  liabilities  from twitter_favs
5 weeks ago by loughlin
Usefull chinese contemporary art platforms - China Artlover
The most helpful Chinese contemporary art platforms to look for facts and information. Artist, exhibitions, education, industry news and more.
china  art  platforms 
6 weeks ago by kevinmcdonagh

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