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Unrolled thread from @IAmSciArt #sciart #scicomm #publicspeaking
Thread about science illustrators. Hashtags: #sciart #scicomm
threads  2017  art  science  platform:twitter 
march 2018 by hazm8
Unrolled thread from @tinkeringprim8 #science #scicomm #animals #nerd
Twitter Thread: "And now I present: a thread based on my love of #science, #scicomm, and #animals, and the fact that I'm a huge #nerd:
The other day at the library, I got this book by Ann Tompert for my 2yo (2/?):…
The premise: an elephant and a mouse want to ride a see-saw. #Physics has other ideas, so some other animals come to help. (3/?)"

threads  2017  books-children  platform:twitter 
march 2018 by hazm8
Unrolled thread from @Delafina777
Twitter Thread: "The most important thing that happened to me this week was the indignation of male colleagues at a sexist asshat shitting on the women they work with. Let me explain what they did and why it was so important."

threads  2018  sexism  sexism-work  feminism-allies  platform:twitter 
march 2018 by hazm8
Anil Dash on Twitter
Tweet: "So, what made you stop trying to learn how to code? I'm curious about the barriers that get erected." | He periodically retweets this to get new answers
tech  coding  platform:twitter 
march 2018 by hazm8
Bryan Young on Twitter
Thread: "Rewatch The Empire Strikes Back and I think it's apparent that there was no other choice for Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi, given the events of The Force Awakens."
| Unrolled thread on Thread reader:
threads  2018  starwars  platform:twitter 
january 2018 by hazm8
Dr Fern Riddell on Twitter
On the Jack The Ripper Museum
Twitter: "I visited @RipperMuseum a few weeks ago, review to follow."
2015  platform:twitter 
december 2017 by hazm8
Mohamed Nazmi on Twitter
Twitter thread with replies: "Interested to know where these insurgents are in this country — Hunger In Brunei Linked to Governmental Changes"
brunei  threads  journalism  2017  platform:twitter 
november 2017 by hazm8
nxjeehah hamid on Twitter
Tweet: "Excerpts from a year two essay, so pardon the incoherence. You get the gist though: Elevation of Western education."
brunei  2016  education  postcolonialism  platform:twitter 
november 2017 by hazm8
Jesse James Garrett on Twitter
A great thread good for 'allies' etc or people who want to understand how to help.

Tweet: "1/ This is a thread for UX people about #metoo."

[Full thread:]
threads  2017  sexualharassment  metoo  platform:twitter 
november 2017 by hazm8
sandy on Twitter
Tweet: "I guess it's like, between having a thousand people read my comic online VS putting my book in 1000 middle schools, the latter is my dream."
2017  artists  comicartists  platform:twitter 
november 2017 by hazm8
Brokey McHolidayName on Twitter
Tweet: "we're so trained to think in terms of normality that we're always comparing ourself to the Normal Human, who can handle and do anything"

[Thread starts further up. Full thread:]
2017  threads  wellbeing  self-care  platform:twitter 
november 2017 by hazm8
crabs can fly on Twitter
Review of Ramshackle (28 Oct 2017): "@SongketAlliance :RAMSHACKLE THREAD I am so glad I went all the way from KB for this show bc I had total fun and is in love with everything✨"

[Thread can also be read at:]
reviews  2017  performances  brunei  platform:twitter 
november 2017 by hazm8
Katherine Crocker 🏴 on Twitter
Tweet: "If you've been awful to someone in the past & want to make it right? Don't assume that pursuing contact with them (even to apologize) is ok"

[Thread can also be read at:]
threads  2017  platform:twitter 
november 2017 by hazm8
Witchtown Mayor Isa on Twitter
Tweet: "Boo." Image: "1 like = 1 unpopular comics opinion" - thread by Isabelle Melançon (of Namesake fame)
2016  threads  comics  art  artists  comicartists  platform:twitter 
october 2017 by hazm8
ben on Twitter
Typographical illustrations of the Sg Kebun Bridge, Diamond Arch at Jerudong Park, and SOAS Mosque.

Tweet: "My typography illustration 🇧🇳💯"
brunei-works  2017  digital  illustration  typography  graphics  platform:twitter 
october 2017 by hazm8

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