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ThingsBoard - Open-source IoT Platform
ThingsBoard is an open-source IoT platform for data collection, processing, visualization, and device management. It enables device connectivity via industry standard IoT protocols - MQTT, CoAP and HTTP and supports both cloud and on-premises deployments. ThingsBoard combines scalability, fault-tolerance and performance so you will never lose your data.
iot  internetofthings  dashboard  opensource  cloud  crossplatform  platform  paas 
yesterday by cyberchucktx
Inside | Real news, curated by real humans
Real news, curated by real humans
Packed with the trends, news & links you need to be smart, informed, and ahead of the curve.
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2 days ago by sebbi
Official Site of OTRS, a leading service management suite
OTRS is a customizable support desk software that manages workflows and structures communication so there are no limits to what your service team can achieve. Start your free trial now.
opensource  crm  ticking  service  platform  wisp 
3 days ago by stevesong
Apigee | The Cross-Cloud API Management Platform | Apigee
Power your APIs with a leader three times running. Apigee positioned highest for execution and completeness of vision in full lifecycle API management.
platform  apis  automated  javascript  coding  management  microservices 
3 days ago by dholland

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