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Antique Rose Emporium – Antique Rose Nursery & All Things Garden
Most passionate purveyors of antique and historic roses, and all things garden. Headquartered in historic Independence, Texas, we host thousands of guests to our display gardens each year, and propagate 100,000 plants in our growing fields. Always welcoming new wholesale rose buying partners.
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Rediscover Walmer's Pleasure Grounds | English Heritage
In a £2.3m project at Walmer Castle, English Heritage is taking action to revive and reunite gardens begun by William Pitt the Younger, assisted by his niece, Lady Hester Stanhope.

The wild flower meadow known as the Paddock and the planted former chalk quarry called the Glen were once part of a delightful 19th-century garden landscape.
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5 days ago by asaltydog
The art of healing: five medicinal plants used by Aboriginal Australians
At least half the food eaten by the first Australians came from plants. And in terms of medicines, many different parts of plants were used.
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6 days ago by AlexJD
HouseLogic: Drought-Tolerant & Creative Tips for a Less-Thirsty : …
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14 Store Bought Vegetables & Herbs You Can Regrow - YouTube
"I am regrowing 14 store bought Vegetables and Herbs. These 14 vegetables and herbs are very easy to regrow. You can either grow these indoors, outdoors, or near your kitchen window."

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