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How zoning shaped Los Angeles
Separation by use originated with good intentions, said Sloane. When polluting industries made developing East Coast cities foul places to live, civic leaders determined it was necessary to break up cities into manufacturing, residential, agriculture and commercial areas.

The initial goal was not to sort people but it became a sorting mechanism, economically (it separated single family homes from rental housing) and racially (zoning was overlaid on subdivisions with covenants that excluded people by race and on neighborhoods that were redlined, denied access to mortgages, on the basis of race).
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Retirement Planning: Everything You Need to Know ;;;
tags: Retirement Planning : Everything You Need to Know | needsEditing investment ;;;
Retirement  Planning  :  Everything  You  Need  to  Know  |  needsEditing  investment 
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Data Migration Checklist: Planner + Template for Effective Data Migrations
Data Migration Checklist: Get the most complete data migration checklist and planner, sourced from the world's leading data migration experts
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Q&A with marketing leaders: Hillel Fuld, CMO/Blogger/Vlogger/Startup Advisor
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