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Sales and marketing working in tandem – organizational Holy Grail or the new reality?
"Marketing and Sales working in harmony for the greater good...or fighting like a bag of cats. Salesforce's State of Marketing Report suggests progress."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  architecture  crm  customer  experience  digital  content  marketing  iot  robotics  ai  machine  intelligence  social  user  ux  application  design 
2 days ago by jonerp
Is AI an asset to hiring, or will it bring us down a sinkhole of algorithmic bias?
"In the aftermath of Amazon abandoning its AI hiring initiative, AI for HR remains a volatile topic. This fall, Montage issued fresh data on AI in HR. My exchange with Kurt Heikkinen, President and CEO of Montage, brought the debate into focus."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  diversity  hcm  the  digital  future  of  work  machine  intelligence  ai  robotics  talent  management 
4 days ago by jonerp
What You Should Know About Landscaping Design
Are you planning a landscape design? There are plenty of directions you can take in terms of landscaping.
landscaping  home  planning 
4 days ago by Adventure_Web
A Short Guide to Writing Software Requirements — PJ Srivastava
A primer on writing requirements for software applications, including an
overview of how to write user stories.
planning  project_management  reference  requirements  collaboration  ideas 
5 days ago by vloux
Carbon Footprint Planning: Quantifying Local and State Mitigation Opportunities for 700 California Cities - Jones-Wheeler-Kammen-700-California-Cities-Carbon-Footprint-2018.pdf
"Table 1 summarizes the adoption rates of intervention areas in the year 2050. Rates are expressed as a percentage of full adoption by the year 2050. Under this scenario, by 2050, 80% of new homes would be built in urban infill locations; homes would be 25% smaller."

"Low carbon footprint cities that make housing available at all income levels help share the burden of meeting housing demand, while lessening the impact on the climate across the population. Using our approach, urban infill reduces all aspects of carbon footprints, in-
cluding 2.5 MtCO2e from transportation, 1.3 MtCO2e from energy, 1.8 MtCO2e from food, and 1.7 MtCO2e from goods and services statewide. The abatement potential of infill development for transportation and energy has been extensively covered elsewhere (Cervero & Murakami, 2010; Ewing & Cervero, 2001). Including food, goods and services roughly doubles this potential in our analysis. Additional work would be needed to determine the true land use potential based on political, economic, social, technological, economic and legal factors."
climate  city  planning  zoning  research  housing 
5 days ago by pacpost

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