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Releases · olkb/planck_thk
Planck Through Hole Kit. Contribute to olkb/planck_thk development by creating an account on GitHub.
keyboard  planck 
18 days ago by jklapinski
Planck EZ: A Powerful, Backlit, Open-Source, 40% Mechanical Keyboard | Planck EZ
RGB Backlight? Check. Powerful open-source firmware? Check. Graphical configurator? Check. This keyboard has it all — 47 keys is all you are going to need.
hardware  keyboard  mechanical  planck 
10 weeks ago by sprice
Building an atreus keyboard · Simone Gotti
compact, split ortho. About the same number of keys as the Planck but layed out a bit more like an ergodix.
atreus  keyboard  mechanical  planck 
august 2019 by markstos
Noah Frederick Planck
Thoughtful 8 layer design. Includes dual-use control keys and double-super keys.
Planck  keyboard  layout 
august 2019 by markstos
The Planck Keyboard | Noah Frederick
The Planck is a 40% computer keyboard with an ortholinear layout (the keys are arranged in columns rather than being staggered as on a traditional typewriter keyboard). The keys are laid out in a 4 × 12 grid with a 2-unit-wide spacebar on the bottom row, for a total of 47 keys. Here's how I set mine up for programming on Unix-like systems.
planck  keyboard 
july 2019 by markstos
msiu's xd75 keymap
Uses the full keyboard, but retains compatibility with Planck layers.
xd75  planck  keyboard 
july 2019 by markstos
fabian's QMK XD75 layout
This is a "split planck" layout, with the extra keys left un-used. Includes a Colemak layer and a number of dual-use keys to make the Planck-like layout work.
qmk  xd75  layout  planck  colemak 
july 2019 by markstos
ErgoDox EZ Code Friendly Qwerty Layout
A coder-friendly keymap for the ErgoDox EZ.

The layouts could be adapted to the Planck.
qmk  ergodox  planck 
july 2019 by markstos

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