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Mapping the scenes. Alternative art, music, and culture in . Creative
placemaking  Ottawa  from twitter
4 days ago by enkerli
How Placemaking Enhances Office Design
Placemaking makes a community more valuable and can enhance office design as well. Smart businesses are catching onto this unique idea.
placemaking  office-design  office-space 
5 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Join us for our first Speaker Series this month! Our first speaker will be () Katrina Jo…
Placemaking  from twitter_favs
march 2019 by edsonm
Lucinda Hartley (@lucindahartley) | Twitter
ªª …ºº
urbanism  placemaking 
january 2019 by davidjmking
RT : How do you want to look, feel and function? Bold new ideas to make the Capital easier to wa…
Edinburgh  placemaking  from twitter
september 2018 by sarcas

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