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How to use your Mac safely in public places | Computerworld
If you use your Mac in public places, it makes sense to take precautions against theft, loss, and hacks.
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7 hours ago by gilberto5757
Look & See: A Portrait of Wendell Berry Trailer on Vimeo
A portrait of the world as lensed through the works of farmer, writer and activist Wendell Berry. synopsis. Trailer is abridged reading of Wendell Berry's "A Timbered Choir"

A Timbered Choir

Even while I dreamed I prayed that what I saw was only fear and no foretelling,
for I saw the last known landscape destroyed for the sake
of the objective, the soil bludgeoned, the rock blasted.
Those who had wanted to go home would never get there now.

I visited the offices where for the sake of the objective the planners planned
at blank desks set in rows. I visited the loud factories
where the machines were made that would drive ever forward
toward the objective. I saw the forest reduced to stumps and gullies; I saw
the poisoned river, the mountain cast into the valley;
I came to the city that nobody recognized because it looked like every other city.
I saw the passages worn by the unnumbered
footfalls of those whose eyes were fixed upon the objective.

Their passing had obliterated the graves and the monuments
of those who had died in pursuit of the objective
and who had long ago forever been forgotten, according
to the inevitable rule that those who have forgotten forget
that they have forgotten. Men, women, and children now pursued the objective
as if nobody ever had pursued it before.

The races and the sexes now intermingled perfectly in pursuit of the objective.
the once-enslaved, the once-oppressed were now free
to sell themselves to the highest bidder
and to enter the best paying prisons
in pursuit of the objective, which was the destruction of all enemies,
which was the destruction of all obstacles, which was the destruction of all objects,
which was to clear the way to victory, which was to clear the way to promotion, to salvation, to progress,
to the completed sale, to the signature
on the contract, which was to clear the way
to self-realization, to self-creation, from which nobody who ever wanted to go home
would ever get there now, for every remembered place
had been displaced; the signposts had been bent to the ground and covered over.

Every place had been displaced, every love
unloved, every vow unsworn, every word unmeant
to make way for the passage of the crowd
of the individuated, the autonomous, the self-actuated, the homeless
with their many eyes opened toward the objective
which they did not yet perceive in the far distance,
having never known where they were going,
having never known where they came from.
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5 days ago by wtokie
The Birthplaces of Programming Languages | Lemi
Join me on a giant geeky global world tour as we discover the birthplaces of various popular programming languages, from Java to Ruby and Amsterdam to Qeqertarsuaq.
programming  language  origin  place  geographical 
9 days ago by gilberto5757
Utopia by Thomas More
A commentary on society—on what is, as well as what could be—More's work, whose title translates as, "no place," is an interesting read to say the least. Offering thoughts on both an ideal society and an unrealistic one at that, there are some concepts in this classic that if were to be adopted by specific countries we, as a population, may find ourselves living in greater harmony. Not perfect by any means, and open to any number of interpretations, this book sat on the shelf in my apartment for far too long.
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10 days ago by kvl
The Cabin
A fairly even mix of hunters and ranchers, Mormons and Buddhists, environmentalists, hippies, farmers, doomsday preppers, and transplant retirees, the townspeople shared few core beliefs — but they also shared a post office the size of a bathroom. So whatever squabbles you had with someone who hunted on your property or whose dog chased your chickens or whose child bullied your child, you still waved when you passed in the road. And if your car got buried in a snow bank or your barn went up in flames or your horse got sick, your neighbors dropped everything — including value systems, politics, and religion — to help. Alliances shifted over years, friends becoming enemies and then friends again before anyone knew there was trouble. So for the most part you ignored what you had to ignore. You kept to your side of the playground.
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11 days ago by kvl
Samsung Galaxy S10: All the Rumours, All the Variants, in One Place
In the battle of smartphone technology, to be first isn’t necessary to be best. Samsung, the world’s foremost smartphone manufacturer, is slated to launch its S-series devices during its Unpacked event in San Francisco on 21 February 2019 3am SGT (20 February 2019 11am PT, 2PM ET, 7pm GMT). That’s a significant milestone, as this...

The post Samsung Galaxy S10: All the Rumours, All the Variants, in One Place appeared first on .
Samsung  Galaxy  S10:  All  the  Rumours  Variants  in  One  Place 
11 days ago by vrzone
Heartland: A Memoir of Working Hard and Being Broke in the Richest Country on Earth by Sarah Smarsh
In many of the same ways as, Educated by Tara Westover, did earlier in 2018 when it was published, Heartland tells the story of a young woman and the challenges she faced growing up in a society that wasn't welcoming to her. A tale of place, poverty, identity, and belonging; Heartland seems to have brought Brené Brown's, Daring Greatly, to life. Not a challenging read by any meaning of the words, and leaving a little left to be desired (the book jumps around far too much for my liking, and wrapped up as many books do in a rushed manner), I would still recommend this read to someone looking to gain some perspective into their personal situation regardless of how dissimilar it may be from the story being told.
book  place  identity  poverty  belonging 
18 days ago by kvl
Can a California town move back from the sea? (Nature Retreat) — High Country News
Here, at the southernmost beach town in California, in an obscure corner of the United States, one small city is asking: What if we just got out of nature’s way?
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21 days ago by kvl
Apartments For Sale
Selling your apartment with Blok is simple and affordable. You hold the viewing, we’ll do the rest.
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24 days ago by roggedoggelito
The Curious Case Of Funner, California
Funner California's mayor is David Hasselhoff. This is a fun, cool example of place branding.
place  marketing  city  fun 
24 days ago by symfogg
Toronto Public Library should control data collected at Quayside, Board of Trade says | The Star
Public libraries are defenders of digital privacy and have expertise in data policy and information management. We have long played a role in city building and welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can continue to evolve this role in the civic data realm
link  place  google  privacy  technology 
25 days ago by kvl
Local Codes: Forms of Spatial Knowledge
As Yanni Loukissas proposes in his forthcoming book All Data Are Local, “the diversity and prosperity of the world’s varied and contingent digital practices depends on our acceptance of data’s locality.”
27 days ago by zryb
London Regionalism - Wikipedia
The movement was composed of a group of artists who acknowledged their home as the centre and subject of creative activity; who acknowledged yet refused to situate themselves in the art world of the metropolitan centre; who refused to participate in ‘movements’. In fact, the term "regionalism" was adopted by the community in a spirit of defiance after a Toronto critic used it in a derisive way to describe the scene. The movement is jokingly referred to as not an "ism" at all, but "a group of artists who had decided to stay home."
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28 days ago by kvl

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