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2D Pixel Perfect: How to set up your Unity project for retro 8-bit games
Retro games with simple mechanics and pixelated graphics can evoke fond memories for veteran gamers, while also being approachable to younger audiences. Nowadays, many games are labeled as “retro”, but it takes effort and planning to create a title that truly has that nostalgic look and feel. That’s why we’ve invited the folks from Mega Cat Studios to help us talk about the topic. In this blog post, we’ll be covering everything you need to create authentic art for NES-style games, including important Unity settings, graphics structures, and color palettes.
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9 days ago by vancura
Switching to a Pixel 3a from any iPhone newer than the iPhone 6 is just silly • BGR
Chris Smith:
<p>Google says its $399 Pixel 3a does better night photography than the $999 “Phone X” from the competition. We all know that’s the iPhone X, or, better said its successor, the iPhone XS [the iPhone X, from last year, costs less than $999]. Even if Google’s Night Sight photo mode is remarkable and puts Apple’s low-light photography to shame, that’s an incredible narrow-sided way to compare these phones. Make no mistake, the Pixel 3a phones aren’t the equivalent of iPhone XR, or the Galaxy S10e for that matter. Google’s cheaper phones pack mid-tier hardware compared to Apple’s and Samsung’s cheapest new flagship.

Aside from taking photos at night, you probably want to use your phone for plenty of other things. While a $399 phone with incredible photo skills sounds excellent, the phone is still a mid-range handset whose performance pales when compared to the iPhone.

Switching from an iPhone 6s or newer to the Pixel 3a phones makes zero sense…

If you really want to switch your iPhone for a new Android phone, then go for the Pixel 3 flagship phones. Although, I would point out that the Pixel 3 phones still suffer from performance issues, the kind you wouldn’t expect from a flagship Android handset — that’s one other reason you shouldn’t swap an iPhone 6s or newer for the Pixel 3a series. Even better, if you want to trade-in your iPhone, then get a Galaxy S10, Huawei P30, or OnePlus 7 instead. It’d be a much better deal.</p>

Smith justifies this on the basis of benchmarks showing the Pixel 3a as slower on multi- and single-core tasks than anything Apple's offered since 2015. I think people might find the visuals and UI slower - Apple optimises like crazy for scrolling (in particular) and other interactions.
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12 days ago by charlesarthur

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