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sartre7 - TPB
Browse and Download any torrent from the user sartre7. Direct downloads via magnet link.
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3 days ago by dmix
snowfl is a torrent aggregator, it searches various public torrent indexes in real time
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6 days ago by jklapinski
Google: 3bn+ rights-infringing URLs removed |
According to the 2018 How Google Fights Piracy report, the company has invested $100 million in building Content ID, its rights management tool, leading to over 3 billion URLs being removed from Search for infringing copyright.

Writing in Google’s Public Policy blog, Cedric Manara, Head of Copyright, notes that the Internet has enabled people worldwide to connect, create and distribute new works of art like never before. “A key part of preserving this creative economy is ensuring creators and artists have a way to share and make money from their content—and preventing the flow of money to those who seek to pirate that content,” he states.
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10 days ago by dancall
A curated list of awesome warez and piracy links
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19 days ago by amason
How To Install No Limits Magic Build on Kodi - Simple Instructions
Install No Limits Magic Build on Kodi with this step-by-step tutorial. The No Limits Magic Build is a great way to have tons of Kodi addons all available with one installation. No Limits Magic is currently one of the most popular Kodi builds because of its great format and streaming capabilities.
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21 days ago by mtoley
TVAddons Is Being Sued by Bell, Rogers, and Others for Piracy in Canada
Adam Lackman ran TVAddons, a site hosting unofficial addons for Kodi media player. A legal team representing powerful telecom and media companies—Bell and Rogers included—searched his home and sued him for piracy. Now, he's fighting to make it to trial.
24 days ago by a4j
A curated list of awesome warez and piracy links
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4 weeks ago by krisu

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