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Nosferatu is only viewable today due to piracy
'In 1922 a German court ordered all prints and negatives of Nosferatu destroyed following a copyright dispute with the widow of Bram Stoker. The film only exists today because of piracy. One copy survived and somehow found it's way to America, where Dracula was already in the public domain. That's it. That's the only reason you've ever seen the granddaddy of all horror movies.'
dracula  bram-stoker  nosferatu  piracy  licensing  movies  history 
5 days ago by jm
State of Maritime Piracy 2017
some charts, links to the full regional reports at the bottom of the page
piracy  maritime  security 
6 days ago by strohps
'Elitist': angry book pirates hit back after author campaign sinks website • The Guardian
Alison Flood:
<p>Authors have been called elitist by book pirates, after they successfully campaigned to shut down a website that offered free PDFs of thousands of in-copyright books.

OceanofPDF was closed last week after publishers including Penguin Random House and HarperCollins issued hundreds of takedown notices, with several high-profile authors including Philip Pullman and Malorie Blackman raising the issue online. Featuring free downloads of thousands of books, OceanofPDF had stated on its site that it sought to make information “free and accessible to everyone around the globe”, and that it wanted to make books available to people in “many developing countries where … they are literally out of reach to many people”.

Before the site was taken down, one of its founders <a href="https://www.thebookseller.com/news/piracy-website-oceanofpdf-taken-down-843351">told the Bookseller</a> that it was run by a team of four who worked based on user requests: “Once we get an email from a user requesting a book that he/she cannot afford/find in the library or if he has lost it, we try to find it on their behalf and upload on our site so that someone in future might also get it.”</p>

As someone who writes books (and is married to someone who writes books), the obvious answer to this "new libraries" argument is that there are lots of billionaires (and even plain old millionaires) in the developing world and beyond who ought to be happy to set up real libraries with proper funding, which would mean that you could lend books - thus fulfilling the original aim - and make sure that creators were properly rewarded, thus meaning there would be more in the future.

This is a different argument, by the way, from those around scientific papers and publications, where you often end up paying twice: once for the research done with public funds, and then to read it in the private publication.
piracy  books 
9 days ago by charlesarthur
Report: Web piracy growth adds to P2P |
Consumers who prefer piracy over legal video sites are ensuring that peer-to-peer (P2P) piracy continues to be the major method of accessing illegal copies of movies and TV shows, according to new research from digital platform security specialist Irdeto and a web analytics partner. The research also finds that the growth in web video piracy is only adding to the global movie and TV piracy problem, rather than replacing P2P piracy.

The overall popularity of pirate web video sites is growing alongside P2P, driven by visits from ‘casual pirates’, who go to both legitimate sites and illegal piracy sites. Five out of ten monthly visits to pirate sites by casual pirates in 2017 were to web video sites. However, in 2017, eight out of ten monthly visits to pirate sites by ‘committed pirates’ (those who do not visit legitimate streaming sites) were to P2P sites.
piracy  stats 
9 days ago by dancall
Nintendo ROM Fallout: EmuParadise Terminates All Game Downloads - TorrentFreak
EmuParadise, a site dedicated to retro gaming for the past 18 years, has announced that it will no longer be offering classic game ROMs for download. Hinting at Nintendo's recent lawsuits against other ROM sites, EmuParadise's operator notes that the climate around retro games has changed and he's not prepared to gamble with the future of his team members.
piracy  copyright  gaming 
10 days ago by pankkake
Brit music pirate numbers decline |
The number of Britons that are illegally downloading music is decreasing, according to new custom research from YouGov.
YouGov’s Music Report reveals that one in ten Britons (10 per cent) download music illegally, down from 18 per cent five years ago.
piracy  stats 
16 days ago by dancall
Sci-Hub - Wikipedia
This place keeps lot of scientific publications available that are "supposed" to only be available by paying for the journal.
science  publications  piracy  free 
17 days ago by darkwater
Google Categorically Refuses to Remove The Pirate Bay's Homepage - TorrentFreak
It's hard to spot consistent trends in the mass influx of DMCA takedown notices Google receives. One thing is pretty clear though, the search engine consistently refuses to remove The Pirate Bay's homepage from its index. This, despite dozens of attempts from a wide variety of copyright holders over the years.
In recent years, Google has had to process an incredible number of takedown requests, aimed at ‘pirate’ sites in search results.
While most of these notices do indeed list links to copyright-infringing content, not all are.
There are the obvious errors, where Wikipedia, Justice.gov, or NASA are targeted, for example. But even sites with a clear pirate stigma have pages that are not directly infringing.
Take The Pirate Bay’s homepage, which contains the iconic pirate ship logo, a search box, as well as some other links. However, there is no direct mention of copyright-infringing content that warrants a ‘takedown.’
google  search  piracy  bittorrent  copyright 
20 days ago by rgl7194
Library Genesis
Over 2 million books and comics to download.
books  library  science  downloads  comics  piracy 
21 days ago by lach
RIAA Wants to Uncover The 'Music Mafia' Pirates
While piracy is bad enough, there’s one thing that music insiders fear even more; pre-release leaks. So, when a website trades in these kinds of leaks in the open, alarm bells go off. This was the case around a year ago when the mysterious “Music Mafia” group entered the stage. The group gained mainstream attention when two unreleased Kanye West tracks appeared online, way ahead of schedule. The tracks soon made their way to YouTube, with many pointing out Music Mafia as the source.
dd  piracy 
23 days ago by motiveunknown

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