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What Does the Trans Mountain Pipeline Announcement Mean? - Sightline Institute
Expanding the Trans Mountain pipeline raises the stakes south of the 49th parallel, too.

It might, for example, result in a doubling of the Puget Sound Pipeline, the oil delivery system that runs through northwest Washington. In fact, in at least five places in the marketing materials and prospectus documents for the Trans Mountain pipeline, Kinder Morgan asserts that the Puget Sound Pipeline “is capable of being expanded to increase its capacity” to 500,000 barrels per day.

It might also mean more tar sands-bearing tank barges traveling the length of Puget Sound to deliver crude to Tacoma. Already, roughly one loaded oil barge per week makes the passage from Burnaby, British Columbia, through some of the most ecologically (and economically) important waters in the Northwest: Rosario Strait in the San Juan Islands, Admiralty Inlet between Whidbey Island and Port Townsend, and then past Edmonds, Seattle, Bainbridge Island, and Vashon Island, before reaching Commencement Bay. To that end, transcripts of hearings with Canadian federal regulators show that representatives from Tacoma’s refinery have been lobbying in support of the pipeline expansion, which would allow them to obtain greater supplies.

A tripling of Kinder Morgan’s pipeline would likely unleash more expansions at the big north Puget Sound oil refineries, such as the one underway at BP’s Cherry Point facility, a project that will degrade air quality at North Cascades and Olympic National Park.
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What ~is~ it with and ? Pennsylvania governor under scrutiny for role in approving pipeline |…
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