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A little bit of grace, (for me and for you) - by WingittoFreedom (Wingittofreedom)
Pike had sent the promised list of dates during which Spock will be expected to supervise the human child the day after their meeting, and it immediately became clear that Spock had been “had,” if he is using the idiom correctly.

“A few days here and there” turns out to be several weeks interspersed throughout the summer.

It also appears that Pike has not left Spock any time to rescind his offer as the first set of dates begin this weekend.

Today is Thursday.

It was a shrewd tactic, Spock admits to himself, relying on Spock’s sense of duty and then giving him no time to think better of it.

Despite having no time to think better of it, Spock is, well, certainly not panicking in the human sense—but were Vulcans prone to ascribing emotional nomenclature to mental states, Spock’s current thought patterns might probably be described as a form of irrational anxiety.

Panic, Spock. Is this an emotional response? asks a voice that comes from the part of his mind where the VSA panel sits.
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When Darkness Drifts - by InsaneSociopath
He may only be ten, but the Academy campus in San Francisco is amazing.

After seeing all the extra work he’d been doing through online courses, Admirals Nogura and Stavak had agreed that he only had to go a school with kids his age for two and a half days a week. Jim had tried to get them to let him not go at all, but Nogura in particular was insistent that he needed to socialise with his peers at least some of the time. He had even brought out some published psychology articles and journals on youth development and gifted child syndrome, and then told him he would go socialise and be kid even he had to drag him through the school gates each morning himself.

So he goes to middle school on Mondays, Tuesday mornings and Thursdays.

Thankfully it’s a ‘Fleet run school, so there are classes specifically designed to cater to genius overachievers. He gets to carry on with degree credits for maths, physics, and mechanical engineering, gets high school level teaching for the other sciences, computing, and Classic Literature. And even the standard aimed-at-middle-schoolers classes he has to go to occasionally are alright. Health studies and social, galactic finance, art, Earth and Federation history.

But the rest of the week? The rest of the week he’s allowed to sit in on whatever Starfleet Academy lectures he wants to (provided the lecturer giving it is okay with it obviously). He’s not allowed take part in any of the tactical sims or the survival courses, or the more dangerous parts of engineering and so on. But even with those limitations, there’s so much he can do, so much he’s allowed to learn.

His favourite lectures by far are the tactical and exploratory seminars given by Lieutenant Pike on Tuesday afternoons.
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Pike  gen  de-aging 
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Divergence - by 13empress
Spock shivered. Cold seeped into his limbs. His breathing was excessively loud in the dark space, like a mechanical noise rather than that of a living creature. He estimated that unless he received outer garments within the hour, he was likely to begin to suffer the effects of exposure to the chill of his cell. Tucking his chin between his knees and wrapping his arms around his legs, Spock curled up tightly to preserve body heat. He estimated that it had been over three standard hours since his arrival.

Suddenly, light spilled into his room from above, which would have been blinding if he had been directly underneath after so much time in darkness. The hatch for his cell was dragged open without warning. His captors were back. Spock scrambled to his feet, feeling an acute sense of vertigo flash through him. Something hit the ground with a sodden thump followed by a humanoid figure. He took note of his new companion's features in the clinical light – light hair, skin with a faint pink hue, biopolymer clothing: Terran human, most likely – before the hatch was closed with a loud clang.

In the darkness, Spock got down onto his hands and knees, feeling his way across the cold floor till his hand curled into something soft, and most importantly warm. With a stifled whimper of relief, he pulled at the cloth, dislodging it from underneath his new companion and wrapping part of it around himself.

There was a sound of distress from the stranger, followed by heavy panicked gasps for air. Spock froze, uncertain what he should do. Mother said that humans instinctually craved touch as a biological imperative in times of distress or injury, especially young humans. The science behind it was rather odd but proven to be true: humans who had prolonged physical contact produced more serotonin and dopamine, two chemicals that created a sense of well-being in humans. Spock steeled himself, crawled closer and reached blindly in the darkness.
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janice_lester | 5 useful lessons Kirk learned from unlikely people, and one he still hasn't quite got despite everyone's best efforts
The dude was old. Like, older than Principal McMillan old. Like, probably remembered World War III old. And dirty. And with the look of the career offender about him. Exactly the sort of old codger dear mommy wouldn’t want him “associating” with. Accordingly, Jimmy Kirk picked this guy out of all of his current cellmates to strike up a conversation with.

“First time?” said the old man, without much interest.

“No,” Jimmy said, not sure whether to be proud or embarrassed about this not being his first time in police lockup overnight. “They kinda let me off with a warning the other times, though. I don’t think that’s the plan this time.” Despite himself, he hugged his knees and thought I wanna go home.

A rough, wrinkled hand patted his arm. “You can survive juvey, if you have to, trust me, I know. Best to avoid it, though. So, at your arraignment, you gotta give ‘em what they want.”


A snort. “Some of that, yup. But you can’t lay it on too thick. You also have to give them a healthy dose of what they expect. You can’t claim to have seen the errors of your ways overnight, they have to see you as someone who still needs work but who can be worked on. So you scuff your shoes against the carpet, you avoid eye contact or you glare, you keep your answers short and mulish. But you let them see that underneath you’re a good kid, someone worth saving. That make sense to you?”

Jimmy thought about it a while. “I think so. I think so.”
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Managing Subspecies - by sunryder (ST/The Sentinel)
“You know, if you really someone to ground your emotions on out there Jim, I’ll find someone who’ll fit the bill.” Pike went on to explain that pretty much anyone could be made useful on a starship, even if it was just helping out in the commissary or cataloguing things for botany, and even the world’s most useless person would be worth getting Jim on his boat. They were all really nice words and some part of Jim logged them down to say thank you later, but the rest of Jim’s brain was really more interested in the Vulcan who just walked in the door.

He was tall and lean, with pretty little points to his ears and hair that Jim wanted to bury his fingers in so he could mess it up. All that pretty wrapping was just a plus, because the Vulcan’s mind reminded Jim of the lake where he spent a summers when he was a kid, smooth as glass. Or maybe it was like standing in the middle of a corn field at dawn before the wind started to blow, or the time he drove into the desert on his bike, nothing but endless sky above him and the silent earth beneath his feet. Either way, Jim wanted to roll around in that mind and poke into every nook and cranny until he had the perfect words to describe it, then find out more and realize it was all wrong and start over again. It would be a lifetime of study that Jim was looking forward to.

Right in Jim’s ear, and in a voice not nearly quiet enough, Pike said, “That would be Spock. He would be the only Vulcan to ever join Starfleet and I want him for my Chief Science Officer. He hasn’t said yes yet, Jim.” Pike didn’t tell Jim to keep it in his pants, but his tone mean he didn’t want the dramatic aftermath played out on his ship. Though a Vulcan probably wouldn’t try and set Jim’s apartment on fire the way some of the other ex’s had. Jim had the ability to make even the most well-negotiated one-nigh-stands go haywire, but that wasn’t going to be a problem here. There would be no awkward morning after because this Vulcan was going to be the rest of his life.
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Rob Pike: Notes on Programming in C
Issues of typography
Variable names
The use of pointers.
Procedure names
Programming with data.
Function pointers
Include files
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