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(9+)Rechtsextreme Krawalle in Rostock-Lichtenhagen 1992 - Politik - Sü
Die Ereignisse von Rostock-Lichtenhagen gehören zu den schlimmsten ausländerfeindlichen Übergriffen in der Bundesrepublik. Neonazis und Anwohner belagerten und attackierten 1992 ein Haus, das von Asylbewerbern und Gastarbeitern bewohnt wurde. Polizei und Politik waren mit der Situation völlig überfordert.
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yesterday by anne_joan
Photoshop On Facebook (Profile Picture Fail) | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Photoshop On Fb (Profile Picture Fall short) Photoshop on facebook, let’s seem up some profile picture fails. Onision Channel: OnisionSpeaks: UhOhBro: Onision Reacts: Onision Forums: Formal Internet site: Onision Supporters: Twitter: Tumblr: http://onision.internet Fb: Instagram: Onision Shirts: Onision on iTunes: Onision’s Ebook: […]
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yesterday by wotek
TAKING + EDITING INSTAGRAM PHOTOS | ToThe9s | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Having + Editing INSTAGRAM Shots | ToThe9s Soon after all the requests we’ve been acquiring we ultimately did an updated “how we edit our instagram pictures” video clip! Hope you appreciated all of our ideas & hacks! Give this video clip a thumbs up and leave your instagram cope with in the feedback so we […]
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2 days ago by wotek
How I Edit My Instagram Photos! | @tashietinks New Blush Theme! | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
How I edit my Instagram photographs! | @tashietinks new blush topic! Hey Fellas! So Super remarkably requested movie a new and current “How I edit my instagram photographs!” Video clip! ou guys noticed the slight changes in my feed and the way I edit the photographs – filters and many others so below it is […]
IFTTT  WordPress  Technology  best  lighting  for  selfies  How  I  edit  my  insta  pics  instagram  photos  to  a  get  the  selfie 
4 days ago by wotek
Hier ne schnelle umfassende Bildergalerie zum Aufmarsch in . Kein
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4 days ago by anne_joan
Facebook buys computer vision startup focused on adding objects to video | TechCrunch
Facebook has acquired a German company called Fayteq that builds software add-ons for video editing that can remove and add whole objects from captured video using computer vision. The acquisition was first reported by a German startup publication (via Variety) and confirmed to TechCrunch, and could be useful as Facebook pursues additional video filter creation technology, both for its live streaming efforts, and for platforms like Instagram Stories.

Of course, being able to add objects to live video and remove them or cover them over on the fly is also something that can be put to interesting use in the emerging field of augmented reality. Facebook launched an AR platform for its built-in camera feature in April at this year’s F8, with the aim of encouraging developers to build AR experiences for use in Facebook on smartphones, which Mark Zuckerberg has said will be “the first augmented reality platform that becomes mainstream.”
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5 days ago by dancall
Remove Image Backgrounds Free & Fast - Background Burner
Free online background remover to remove the background from any image or photo. The fastest way to remove backgrounds online.
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11 days ago by fffact
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My mom just sent me this picture of my dog…I guess we got a lot of snow, then


Great update
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14 days ago by timberwolfoz

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