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Snapchat Adds Musical GIFs via New Tunemoji Integration | Social Media Today
Still, the rising popularity of TuneMoji will no doubt make it a welcome Snap addition. Founded in 2014, TuneMoji now has more than 20 million users, most of them coming this year, while it's also seen activity in-app increase by some 20% since the start of 2018.

The capacity to add the digital stickers to Snaps will bring wider exposure to TuneMoji, which could lead to further integration with Snap in future.

In other Snapchat news, musician Ariana Grande is also using the new capacity to sell products via Lenses to promote products related to her new album ‘Sweetener’.
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19 days ago by dancall
Pictures of Russian meteorologist who spent 30 years in a frigid place
21 days ago by jowj
Pop-Ups Getting a Boost From Social Media |
Many people are flocking to pop-up shops and experiences in the hopes of capturing an Instagram-worthy photo — which is good news for merchants in more ways than one.
In an experience-based economy, having a photo on social media is sometimes more valuable than making a purchase, said Gerald Storch, CEO of retail advisory firm Storch Advisors, according to CNBC.
“It’s just as real if it’s virtual,” he added.
And the photos posted on social media serve as free advertising for the pop-ups. At the Egg House, brunch fans can pose in life-size egg carts with pink spatulas hanging from the ceiling, or play in a yellow-and-white ball pit.
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7 weeks ago by dancall
The meme machine gains some new gears - We Are Social
Apps like MadLipz, Piscart and others have handed power to consumers. No longer do you need an editorial department loaded up with designers, video editors and motion graphics artists to produce sophisticated edits of video.

All you need is a funny idea, a smartphone and a group of mates to share it with. Underpinning this is the continuing growth and developments we see on Instagram Stories and Snapchat who continue to add new and increasingly sophisticated functionality in a UX version of the space race.
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8 weeks ago by dancall
A stunning photograph is worth a thousand words
Our machine learning algorithms allow for accelerated delivery, high scalability and standardized quality, helping companies sell more with inspiring realistic photographs. We use this technology to offer our services through a network of international photographers in over one hundred countries to big players such as Airbnb, Just Eat, Expedia, Trivago, Uber, etc. In just 24 months, Meero has grown to 180 employees and remains in full expansion! We closed a $18 million series A in August 2017 and have just closed a $45 million series B in order to build one of the largest AI centers in Paris whilst expanding operations globally on new verticals.
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9 weeks ago by dancall

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