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The EU's bizarre war on memes is totally unwinnable | WIRED UK
On June 20, the European Parliament will set in motion a process that could force online platforms like Facebook, Reddit and even 4chan to censor their users' content before it ever gets online.

A proposed new European copyright law wants large websites to use "content recognition technologies" to scan for copyrighted videos, music, photos, text and code in a move that that could impact everyone from the open source software community to remixers, livestreamers and teenage meme creators.

In an open letter to the President of the European Parliament, some of the world's most prominent technologists warn that Article 13 of the proposed EU Copyright Directive "takes an unprecedented step towards the transformation of the Internet from an open platform for sharing and innovation, into a tool for the automated surveillance and control of its users."
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3 days ago by dancall
2018-06-08 Themar Tage der Nationalen Bewegung | Flickr
Entdecke dieses Fotoalbum von thomas Witzgall auf Flickr!
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12 days ago by anne_joan
Bilder "Freiheit für Haverbeck" - Bielefeld 10052018 | Flickr
Bilder der Kundgebung und Demonstration der Partei "Die Rechte" mit dem Titel "Freiheit für Ursula Haverbeck" in Bielefeld vom 10. Mai 2018.
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5 weeks ago by anne_joan
30.04.2018 - Jamel - Tanz in den Mai | Flickr
Erneut lud die rechte „Dorfgemeinschaft Jamel“ zum Maitanz in den gleichnamigen Ort in Nordwestmecklenburg ein. Der verregnete Nachmittag kam nur schleppend in Fahrt.
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6 weeks ago by anne_joan
Hier sind meine Bilder und kurze Videos vom heutigen -Aufmarsch in und vom
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7 weeks ago by anne_joan
SmugMug snaps up Flickr photo service from Verizon's Oath
Flickr has been snapped up by Silicon Valley photo-sharing and storage company SmugMug, USA TODAY has learned.
SmugMug CEO Don MacAskill told USA TODAY he's committed to breathing new life into the faded social networking pioneer, which hosted photos and lively interactions long before it became trendy. 
SmugMug, an independent, family-run company, will maintain Flickr as a standalone community of amateur and professional photographers and give the long neglected service the focus and resources it deserves, MacAskill said in an exclusive interview. 
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7 weeks ago by dancall

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