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Still photographs spring to life - BBC News
New software makes it possible to breathe life into still photo portraits.
The project was developed in Israel with the help of a leading social network. - via Alex WArd
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2 days ago by dancall
Instagram adds face filters to live video | TechCrunch
Instagram is making its face filters available for live video streaming through the app, the company announced today. Instagram had introduced face filters, which add visual effects to detected faces, back in May, but until now it was only available on video and images captured first and then posted to your Instagram Story after the fact.

All existing face filters are now available for live video, but there’s also a new one that’s exclusively limited to use with live streaming that features sunglasses with lens reflections for which you can change the scenery with a tap. It’s limited to live streaming for the next week, so you’ll have to go live if you want to check it out for now.
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29 days ago by dancall
9 Gen Z Habits for Marketers to Keep an Eye On – Adweek
We have two Instagram accounts
“She didn’t let me follow her finsta … awk.”
One account, the “real” or “main” is meant to preserve our public images. Followers of this account can be anyone from co-workers to random acquaintances from class.
The other account, the “finsta,” or fake Instagram, is meant to be a window into the owner’s real life. Counterintuitive, I know. This account is home to pictures and videos of the less glamorous elements of life—embarrassing moments to long rants about life. Followers of this account are generally very closer friends of the owner.
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5 weeks ago by dancall
How a fake war photojournalist totally fooled media organisations around the world
'Eduardo Martins' tricked established media outlets and his 120,000+ Twitter followers into thinking that he was a conflict photographer.
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6 weeks ago by anne_joan
Nachtschicht beendet. Meine Bilder des heutigen Demogeschehens in .

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8 weeks ago by anne_joan
(9+)Rechtsextreme Krawalle in Rostock-Lichtenhagen 1992 - Politik - Sü
Die Ereignisse von Rostock-Lichtenhagen gehören zu den schlimmsten ausländerfeindlichen Übergriffen in der Bundesrepublik. Neonazis und Anwohner belagerten und attackierten 1992 ein Haus, das von Asylbewerbern und Gastarbeitern bewohnt wurde. Polizei und Politik waren mit der Situation völlig überfordert.
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8 weeks ago by anne_joan

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