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Does Pi-hole Block 100% Windows 10 Telemetry? : pihole
I use the blocklists from crazy-max's WindowsSpyBlocker (link). You can find the lists under /data/hosts and then your OS. If you just want to block "spying" domains, just use the spy.txt list -- that's what I do, for all the versions in the repository (7, 8.1, and 10).

Some domains you might want to whitelist:

Logging in to Microsoft services:
* login.live.com

Maps app/location services (find my device, auto night light):
* dev.virtualearth.net
* ecn.dev.virtualearth.net
* geo-prod.do.dsp.mp.microsoft.com
* t0.ssl.ak.dynamic.tiles.virtualearth.net
* t0.ssl.ak.tiles.virtualearth.net

* c.s-microsoft.com
* nexus.officeapps.live.com
* nexusrules.officeapps.live.com
* i.s-microsoft.com
* officeclient.microsoft.com
* outlook.office365.com
* products.office.com

Xbox (also used by Microsoft Store games like Minecraft):
* attestation.xboxlive.com
* cert.mgt.xboxlive.com
* def-vef.xboxlive.com
* device.auth.xboxlive.com
* eds.xboxlive.com
* help.ui.xboxlive.com
* licensing.xboxlive.com
* notify.xboxlive.com
* title.auth.xboxlive.com
* title.mgt.xboxlive.com
* www.xboxlive.com
* xbox.ipv6.microsoft.com
* xboxexperiencesprod.experimentation.xboxlive.com
* xflight.xboxlive.com
* xkms.xbolive.com
* xsts.auth.xboxlive.com

Windows Updates/Microsoft Store (app updates):
* ctldl.windowsupdate.com
* displaycatalog.mp.microsoft.com
* dl.delivery.mp.microsoft.com
* sls.update.microsoft.com

Network connectivity:
* msftncsi.com
* dns.msftncsi.com
* ipv6.msftncsi.com
* www.msftncsi.com

* answers.microsoft.com (not directly used by Windows but helpful if searching for Windows help online)
* support.microsoft.com (see answers.microsoft.com)
* settings-win.data.microsoft.com (sync Windows settings)
* g.live.com (backup Bitlocker key to Microsoft account)

I should make a list on Github.

Edit: moved g.live.com because I had it under the wrong category.

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29 days ago by coffeebucket
Securing DNS across all of my devices with Pi-Hole + DNS-over-HTTPS +
The Problem
DNS queries are not secure, they're sent in the clear, which means that others can see and manipulate the queries and responses. An attacker may change the IP address in a response to send you to a different server, ISPs can censor the web by blocking resolution of certain domains and they can even build a profile of the sites you visit by storing your DNS queries. DNS is not secure and whilst we have DNSSEC which fixes the integrity issue (I won't talk about why I don't like it), it doesn't fix the privacy or censorship issue. Today I'm going to look at a solution called DNS-over-HTTPS that fixes the integrity, censorship and privacy issue along with giving me several other security benefits.

DoH is a really simple idea, take an insecure protocol like DNS and issue the requests over a secure, HTTPS connection. Google has a DoH resolver available and you can read more details on the developer guide. To use it you simply issue your DNS requests like so:


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5 weeks ago by coffeebucket
Blocklist Collection ¦ Firebog
The Internet is full of unsavoury content: advertisers wanting to sell you stuff you don't need, trackers extracting and selling your data as if it were oil, and malicious content vying to hijack your favourite device. This collection hopes to help you minimise these issues, and to maintain a more enjoyable online presence, using the wonderful, free and open source utility known as Pi-hole.

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6 weeks ago by coffeebucket
Block Advertising on your Network with Pi-hole and Raspberry Pi
A good walkthrough of the Pi-Hole network-wide adblocker install and operation
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6 weeks ago by jm

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