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2018 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year | National Geographic
"See the winning photos from the 2018 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year."
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16 minutes ago by garrettc
New Brighton revisited – three decades in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian
Two women pose on the bonnet of a sports car. Taken from Looking for Love 1978-2003
Photograph: Tom A/Tom Wood
3 hours ago by delarge
A Restless Transplant
I left my job in New York in the summer of 2011 and moved into a camper. Since then, I have driven 100,000 miles around the west, surfing and camping. During the summer of 2014, I set up a home base in the Columbia River Gorge. These are some of my stories and photos.
photography  travel 
6 hours ago by kiranmaxweber
A Work of Art | by Janet Malcolm | The New York Review of Books
Janet Malcolm revisiting a snapshot she published in ‘Diana and Nikon’:
“For many years my late husband, Gardner Botsford, kept a small black-and-white snapshot on his desk of a man and woman wearing shorts, walking one behind the other on a tennis court.”

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14 hours ago by metaproof
Using AI to generate maps to mitigate future flooding!
The Chesapeake Conservancy's awesome project: "a first-of-its-kind, high-resolution map showing what’s on the ground—buildings, pavement, trees, lawns—across 100,000 square miles from upstate New York to southern Virginia that drain into Chesapeake Bay. ... llenby says the more detailed map will enable planners to keep up with land-use changes and plan drainage systems that can accommodate more water. Eventually, the map will offer 'live dashboard' and automated alerts to serve as a warning system when new development threatens to overwhelm stormwater management capacity."
floods  naturaldisasters  AI  mapping  photography  imaging  landuse  planning 
14 hours ago by sdean
Photographing the entire length of the Mississippi River -
photography  from twitter
yesterday by rdr
Photos - Reflective Desire: Latex & Bondage
OMG some incredible latex and rubber fetish fashion photos here.
BDSM  kink  photography 
yesterday by flyingcloud

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