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Plantronics rebrands as Poly to get its groove back
Now as Poly, the company plans to double-down on what it's already great at, while delivering new features like Alexa support in its Voyager Bluetooth earpiece line. There's also a slew of new products on the way, which include a VoIP phone powered by Microsoft Teams, and another phone that lets businesses use Google Voice numbers, instead of a traditional system.
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yesterday by jasonsamuels
To really set the new Cleartones apart from the original ones which were created using electronically generated sounds, I decided to record sets of solely acoustic sounds. Bells, chimes, woodblocks, vibraphone and marimba's. And what is a better place to find sounds like that than a studio of a professional percussionist?
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3 days ago by asaltydog
Erica Joy Baker's home screen
What the engineering manager uses on her phone
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4 days ago by nelson
The Light Phone
Light is a slim, credit card-sized phone designed to be used as little as
possible. Light is your phone away from phone.

If only it had a camera!
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5 days ago by yankeh

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