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Gophish - Open Source Phishing Framework
Gophish - An Open-Source Phishing Framework
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yesterday by ultrashea
How to Protect Yourself From a Phishing Attack by Hackers - The Atlantic
Tricking people out of sensitive information online is far too easy.
4 days ago by daniel.zappala
RT : ⚠️ Beware! This webpage has numerous suspicious elements! It might be a 🎣 page impersonating A…
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5 days ago by ciphpercoder
Apple's Safari Falls For New Address Bar Spoofing Trick
An unpatched vulnerability in the Safari web browser allows an attacker to control the content displayed in the address bar, a security researcher discovered. The method enables well-crafted phishing attacks that are difficult to spot by the average consumer.
The bug is a race condition type and it is caused by the browser permitting JavaScript to update the address bar before a web page loads completely.
Apple is taking its time to release a fix
Security researcher Rafay Baloch was able to reproduce the vulnerability only in Safari and Edge web browsers.
He informed the makers of the two browsers about the risk, but only Microsoft responded with a patch on August 14, as part of its regular release of security updates.
Apple received a report about the bug on June 2, and 90 days to fix it before public disclosure. The three-month period expired more than a week ago and there is no patch for Safari.
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6 days ago by rgl7194
IFAP - Electronic Announcements
RT : US Department of Education warns active phishing campaign targeting student email accounts
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11 days ago by douglevin
Back to School Essentials for Security | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Going back to school? This is a perfect time for a digital security refresh to ensure the privacy of you and your friends is protected!
It’s a good time to change your passwords. The best practice is to have passwords that are unique, long, and random. In order to keep track of these unique, long and random passwords, consider downloading a password manager.
As a great additional measure: You can add login notifications to your accounts, so that you can monitor logins from devices you don’t recognize.
security  privacy  EFF  schools  passwords  social_media  phishing  encryption  messaging 
17 days ago by rgl7194
Firework: Leveraging Microsoft Workspaces in a Penetration Test
WCX files can be used to configure a Microsoft Workplace on a system with a couple of clicks. The enrollment process could disclose credentials in the form of a NetNTLM hash. Authentication will either take place automatically on older Windows versions or will prompt a user for credentials on more recent ones. Workplaces can potentially be further weaponised as part of a wider social engineering campaign.
security  phishing  Firework 
18 days ago by tiredoldfellow
RT : It’s shocking how much companies are paying for simulation products. Fundamentally it is pretty simple to…
phishing  from twitter_favs
19 days ago by jabbrwcky

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