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Rise of the machines: has technology evolved beyond our control? | Books | The Guardian
Technology is starting to behave in intelligent and unpredictable ways that even its creators don’t understand. As machines increasingly shape global events, how can we regain control? via Pocket
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Warren Buffett: How He Does It ;;;
tag: Warren Buffett : How He Does It | investment retirement philosopy method thought process ;;;
Warren  Buffett  :  How  He  Does  It  |  investment  retirement  philosopy  method  thought  process 
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influential German philosopher, psychologist, and priest whose work strongly influenced not only students Edmund Husserl, Sigmund Freud, Tomáš Masaryk, Rudolf Steiner, Alexius Meinong, Carl Stumpf, Anton Marty, Kazimierz Twardowski, and Christian von Ehrenfels, but many others whose work would follow and make use of his original ideas and concepts.
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Erik Kessels Celebrates the Mistakes of Amateurs
Simon Baker (curator of photography at the Tate) in an essay from ‘The Many Lives of Erik Kessels’ quotes from L’idiotie by Jean-Yves Jouannais.

I wonder if there is anything here to help explain my practice.
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James Finch on Twitter
"Plaque commemorating Wittgenstein working incognito at Guy's Hospital pharmacy during World War II"
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Character Lab
Character Lab is a non-profit bridging the science of character development with the daily work of teaching so all kids can fulfill their potential.
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No One Asks To Be Buried with His iPad - The New Yorker
Tim Wu on “The World Beyond Your Head,” a new book by Matthew Crawford, and what it means to live a satisfying life.
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july 2015 by timothyarnold
On Being Let Down: iPhone 6 and the Politics of Disappointment — Medium
"And what we see now is, I believe, the opening of another sigh of great disappointment. Religion, drugs, space travel and digital culture: all of it has let us down. All of it left us disappointed.


It runs deep.

Capitalism promised great leisure and riches. We have been let down.

Politics promised great change. We have been let down.

Look at the fall-out from the Scottish referendum on independence. Look at the young men going to fight with IS. Look at political apathy and the overriding sense of cynicism. We are living in an age of almost universal disappointment.

In the 1580s Montaigne wrote that ‘to philosophise is to learn how to die.’ He could perhaps have written that it was to learn to deal with disappointment. Death, at its core, presents itself as the fundamental disappointment: after all that, is this it? Dust, rising for such a short while, only to return to dust?

The key question of our time is then this: how can we move beyond disappointment? In Montaigne’s terms, is there life after this death? Once we have faced up to the inevitability of our fall back into the earth, how do we then live? It’s to this question of resurrection — this ‘rising again’ — that Getting High turns as it concludes. The book is something of a memoir too in that this journey through religious, hedonistic, technological and political disappointment — and beyond — is a very personal one.

I don’t want to say too much more here — I’ll save your disappointment for when you read the final version — but suffice to say I believe that there is hope. But before that hope there what I believe we must do is get beyond denial. To accept not just that the iPhone 6 is disappointing, but that every other one will be too, and that all of these devices, all of our contrivances, all of our gadgets, all of our grand schemes and plans, all of it is going to let us down, just as certainly as we will be let down on straps into a hole in the ground some day, just as certainly as we will watch others being let down too.

The Apple is rotten; the promise of omniscience and immortality has turned out to be false. So then, how shall we live?"

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