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Two’s a crowd | Aeon
"Zany and earnest, political yet puckish, Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari were philosophy’s most improbable duo"
By Edward Thornton
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6 minutes ago by andycoverdale
Sinful | National Review
As my wife will attest, I often suffer from futterneid. This is the term Germans use to describe the envy we feel when, for example, someone orders a better meal than ours. I’m also prone to schadenfreude, the tendency to take pleasure in the ...
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yesterday by Kjaleshire
Language: The Most Disruptive Technology | Hoover Institution
The e-revolution in communication is threatening the stability of the American republic. 
language  essays  philosophy 
yesterday by Kjaleshire
How should we evaluate progress in AI?
Improving artificial intelligence research with scientific testing, design practice, and meta-rational choice of methods and criteria
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