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We didn’t see this coming | Bill Gates
This year's Bill and Melinda Gates annual letter focusses on surprises they found in this past year of their work with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
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Zombie Philanthropy: What I Learned About Donor-Advised Funds as a Foundation Insider — Inside Philanthropy
DAFs were our core line of business on the way to successfully raising $1.3 billion for the second year in a row.
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Most Post-Disaster Funding is a Disaster, How to Do It Right - World | ReliefWeb
Veterans talk about how to fund post-disaster relief: go with grassroots community-based groups; large orgs inefficient and oft corrupt
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Global Philanthropy Data Charter 2017 - Second Edition - IssueLab
To realize this vision of improved data for deeper philanthropic impact and transparency, WINGS, Foundation Center, CENTRIS, and partners from around the world created and refined the Global Philanthropy Data Charter. The main objective of this revision is to make the document more accessible and provide concrete guidance on how to successfully engage in data-sharing processes.
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NowThis on Twitter: "‘It feels like I’m at a firefighters conference and no one’s allowed to speak about water.’ — This historian wasn’t afraid to confront the billionaires at Davos about their greed…"
‘It feels like I’m at a firefighters conference and no one’s allowed to speak about water.’ — This historian wasn’t afraid to confront the billionaires at Davos about their greed
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17 days ago by dancall
(1) Guest DESTROYS Bloomberg Panel On The American Dream Lie - YouTube - The New Feudalism
Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility
- Edelman Trust Barometer - 76% want change - lead by CEO, not wait for government.
Bullshit about the Aggregate.
The Aggregate bullshit you've been telling doesn't matter for fly over American country.
Davos should be cancelled this year because of Brexit, Trump (gov shutdown), Gelbwesten, AfD, Salvini, refugee crisis (Mittelmeer Wall)
Davos is a family reunion for who broke the world.
Outcomes inevitable by policy (Austerity, tax evasion etc)
&! - Stop Talking about Philanthropy
taxes taxes taxes all the rest is bullshit
&! Davos elites reject higher taxes, offer upskilling as answer to inequality -
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