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Mood, Emotion and Development Lab looking for research participants | Vanderbilt News | Vanderbilt University
Children, teens, undergraduate students and adults can volunteer as research participants in the Mood, Emotion and Development Lab.
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2 days ago by kbrobeck
Natural software revisited
Recent works have concluded that software code is more repetitive and predictable, i.e. more natural, than English texts. On re-examination, we find that much of the apparent "naturalness" of source code is due to the presence of language specific syntax, especially separators, such as semi-colons and brackets. For example, separators account for 44% of all tokens in our Java corpus. When we follow the NLP practices of eliminating punctuation (e.g., separators) and stopwords (e.g., k...
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2 days ago by carlosviansi
Applying | UCL Faculty of Laws - UCL - London's Global University
Find out how to apply to study an MPhil/PhD programme at the Faculty of Laws
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3 days ago by nischg
Writing Guide
This document includes writing tips, guidelines, and suggestions. Many are my own, but I incorporate ideas from other people, including (among others) Brent Roberts, Brian Scholl, Daryl Bem, Morton Gernsbacher, Roger Brown, and Steve Pinker.
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4 days ago by chris.leaman

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