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such selfish prayers - Lvslie
"Aziraphale didn’t ponder too extensively on the physics that would inevitably be involved in the process of carrying Crowley upstairs to his bedroom before factually attempting to do it.

This proved to be a mistake.

Crowley was, for one, much heavier than he appeared to be. Or perhaps it was just that Aziraphale had very limited experience with testing his assessment of people’s weight and simply assumed that something this … this spindly and slim should not weigh all that much.

But Crowley was tall. And he did weigh quite a bit."
goodomens  goodomens:aziraphale/crowley  lvslie  canon-based  aww  PG  length:1-5k  saved:mobi 
12 days ago by citibyrd
aknightley: i won't just buy you a rose
Shouto decides to visit his mother for the first time in years, and decides to stop at a flower shop along the way.
He freezes in place, and before he can move again someone is bustling through the door behind the counter, all messy hair and wide green eyes. It’s a teenager, a little shorter than Shouto but probably the same age. He’s got a wide smile and there’s a smudge of dirt on his cheek, which instantly draws Shouto’s attention. His fingers itch to rub it off.
bokunohero  pg  fluff  p:midoriya/todoroki  wc:10000-15000 
4 weeks ago by spellczech
orchidcactus: Glass Whimseys
Thane takes Shepard on a visit to Kahje, showing her famous locales and favorite places.
masseffect  p:femshep/thane  pg  wc:1000-2000 
6 weeks ago by spellczech
goldengoddess: Almost Home
What’s the matter with you? Ling asked.

“What d’you mean?” Greed muttered, not loud enough for the others to hear.

My heart is racing. Am I getting sick?

“Shut up, idiot, you’re fine.”
fma  p:ed/ling  pg  fluff  wc:2000-5000 
7 weeks ago by spellczech
what's it gonna be? - andsoiaccidentally
"He throws a glance at the coffee shop but he can’t see Amy, so he guessed (or hopes) she’s still waiting to be served. Then he gets out the car, and makes his way down the street to the little storefront wedged between two larger, flashier restaurant chains. Inside the store there are shelves stacked up to the ceiling with comics and merchandise. After a few minutes of browsing and waiting for his fingers to defrost, he shoots his girlfriend a text to let her know where he is. That’s when he hears someone calling his name.

“Jake? Jake Peralta?”

Recognising the voice, Jake looks up from his phone to see a smiling Asian man, about his age. It takes him a few seconds to identify the stranger who is, of course older and longer haired, but his sharp jawline and kind eyes are familiar.

“Liam Huang?”"
b99  b99:jake/amy  b99:jake/omc  canon-based  established  past-relationship  coming-out  PG  length:1-5k  saved:mobi 
9 weeks ago by citibyrd
verysmall - Eddie and Venom Get High as Shit
Their meal comes with a prize inside. Eddie’s self-discipline is poor.
venom  gen  alteredstates  short  pg  @ao3  venom/eddie 
9 weeks ago by blissfire
Skull_Bearer - Venom's Guide to Humans
Human hosts are complicated, Venom decided. A guidebook would be useful.
venom  venom/eddie  short  h/c  pg  fivethings  @ao3 
10 weeks ago by blissfire
cupidsbow - And They Were Soulmates
But somewhere out there in the stars, our perfect One is still waiting for the day we return home. When we find them, they will open their mouths to us, and we will know them by their scent/taste, like a food so perfect we can’t bear to eat it.

And then Older-than-Klyntar Agony went silent and could not be cajoled into saying more, not even with an offering of viscera and marrow.
venom  venom/eddie  short  pg  @ao3  soulmates 
10 weeks ago by blissfire
kitausuret - In Their Nature
What is the Venom symbiote's nature, truly? Is it to be a predator? To be bonded? To be independent?
Or could its nature be something entirely different, even indescribable?

(some silly domestic fluff and feels)
venom  venom/eddie  short  pg  @ao3  happy 
10 weeks ago by blissfire
Bakageta - Time For Time Together
“To be fair, this is not the weirdest thing you’ve walked in on us doing.”
venom  venom/eddie  short  pg  @ao3  domestic 
10 weeks ago by blissfire
SleepsWithCoyotes - Send More Humans
"You're such a dick," he says, an aching fondness gentling his words.

"I'm your dick."

"That sounded better in your head, didn't it?" Eddie notes sagely, free hand reaching up to cup Venom's cheek.
venom  venom/eddie  short  pg  @ao3  humour 
10 weeks ago by blissfire
lobac - People Have Always Considered Being Alive One Of My Most Undesirable Traits
Eddie is looking straight ahead, now, it realises, into its eyes, it realises the significance of that. But then, no... Not into its eyes, at its eyes. His mouth moves very, very slowly.


He must have gotten some impression of its thoughts, it thinks, still unused to a connection that goes both ways, euphoric and terrified.
venom  venom/eddie  short  pg  @ao3 
10 weeks ago by blissfire
ART: Schadenfiend - Slime Stim
Short comics in which Eddie Brock learns to pleasure his weird alien boyfriend after seeing an ASMR slime video.
art  venom  venom/eddie  short  pg  @ao3 
10 weeks ago by blissfire
octopus_fool - The Pebble in your Shoe
Bilbo is not a happy hobbit. Everywhere he goes, annoying pebbles keep showing up. Meanwhile, Thorin is the unhappiest dwarf in all of Erebor.
thehobbit  bilbo/thorin  short  pg  @ao3  courting 
11 weeks ago by blissfire
unpeumacabre (kitcatkandy) - better an ugly face than an ugly mind
"What an absurdly ugly little creature, Thorin thought, when first he laid eyes on Master Bilbo Baggins."

ie the one where thorin thinks bilbo is ugly, bilbo thinks thorin is quite possibly the handsomest thing he's ever seen, but by dwarven standards, thorin is positively hideous (and he knows it too). but they both know looks aren't everything, so they fall in love. happy ending ensues.
thehobbit  bilbo/thorin  short  pg  @ao3 
11 weeks ago by blissfire
Not_You - Second Kisses
Their second kiss is much better than their first.
watchmen  rorschach/dan  short  pg  @ao3 
12 weeks ago by blissfire
What You Knead - AgentMalkere - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]
It started, as most things did in Kakashi’s life, with a mission gone wrong.

(In which Kakashi accidentally acquires an emotionally healthy coping technique.)
fanfic  naruto  canondivergence  gen  pg  wip 
12 weeks ago by kpossibles

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