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RT : European Citizens’ Initiative: End the aviation fuel tax exemption in Europe.

It’s kind of a ?…
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2 days ago by daisyk
ok. i read the full entry for the “parliamentary debate” on the 6m-signature (…
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6 weeks ago by igorclark - Westminster Hall
Westminster Hall
Monday 1 April 2019 Meeting started at 4.30pm

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e-petitions 241584, 235138 and 243319 relating to leaving the European Union  brexit  video  live  petition  debate 
6 weeks ago by ndf
RT : Über 44.400 Bürger haben bereits die an den für ein generelles auf Autobahnen unte…
Tempolimit  Petition  Bundestag  from twitter
6 weeks ago by reinhard_codes
RT : Die für ein generelles von von 130 km/h auf Autobahnen haben bereits 38.550 Bürger unterzeich…
Tempolimit  Petition  from twitter
7 weeks ago by findingmarbles
RT : Der für ein fehlen noch ca. 8000 Unterschriften, um das Quorum zu erreichen. Wenn alle…
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7 weeks ago by tobi_s
Automated Update: The Revoke Article 50 has now hit 5,276,034. This is an automated feed so that checking…
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7 weeks ago by freerange_inc
A50 Petition Live Breakdown
View the Revoke A50 Petition, broken down by constituency
petition  counter  brexit 
7 weeks ago by iaeon

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