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"Open Your Eyes, Don't Walk Blind" /stiles /stiles /c…
fanfic  teenwolf  peter  derek  from twitter
4 days ago by silentdescant
"Empathy, Empathy, Put Yourself in the Place of Me" -17 /sti…
peter  fanfic  au  nc-17  teenwolf  from twitter
15 days ago by silentdescant
(58) Why the Air Is About to Come Out of America's Bubble Economy - Peter Schiff - YouTube
Why the Air Is About to Come Out of America's Bubble Economy - Peter Schif
Why  the  Air  Is  About  to  Come  Out  of  America's  Bubble  Economy  -  Peter  Schiff  austrian 
27 days ago by kilroy2
Carry On
Because sometimes snatching Peter up by the scruff of the neck and physically hauling him away from whatever kind of trouble he's landed himself in is the only way to deal with things.

AKA: Five Times Yondu Carried Peter and One Time He Just Held Him
28 days ago by Hann2ma
don't need no credit card to ride this train
Peter gets a second chance to make a very important change.
29 days ago by Hann2ma
Galaxy Oddity
Yondu crash-lands on a devastated red planet where a lonely child lives on his own in a palace that doesn't feel like a home (Or the one where Yondu is determined to get his kid back, as soon as he remembers what's going on).
4 weeks ago by Hann2ma
keeping all the things I knew inside
Not being dead is supposed to be the better outcome. But it's a long, long trip back to Berhert from the asteroid field that used to be Ego's planet. (Or: Fixit fic in which Yondu has to deal with having a future, and a family, and feelings. None of which he's prepared to cope with.)
4 weeks ago by Hann2ma
Like Everybody Else
You'll be just like everybody else." "What's so wrong with that?" Well, everything actually. In which Peter's body doesn't react so well to losing his Celestial abilities.
5 weeks ago by Hann2ma

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