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One Alpha Too Many
[HazelDomain] Cas has always been happy with his pet alpha, Dean. Only now he's ended up with a second alpha, Sam, and the two of them are going to break everything he owns. The solution seems obvious; they wouldn't fight for dominance if Sam was an omega.
AU:ABO-Dynamics  AU:BDSM-&-Alt-Lifestyles  AU:Human-Pets  pairing:Castiel/Sam  pairing:Dean/Sam  alpha!Dean  alpha!Sam  angst  bottom!Sam  hurt!Sam  kink:body-modification  kink:bondage  kink:breeding  kink:castration  kink:cock-cage  kink:D/s  kink:dehumanization  kink:dirty-talk  kink:forced-turning  kink:humiliation  kink:medical  kink:mpreg  kink:rough-sex  kink:voyeurism  master!Castiel  omega!Sam  pet!Dean  pet!Sam  turning:alpha-to-omega  tw:dub/non-con  fandom:Supernatural  length:10K-15K 
may 2019 by casey679
[Mrs_SimonTam_PHD] Father Michael Cohen knows that as a priest, he must abstain from sin. But with Castiel Novak, who asks for absolution through serving the priest, he cannot resist. (Giving Absolution 1)
AU:Religion-&-the-Church  pairing:Michael/Castiel  pairing:Lucifer/Dean/Sam  bottom!Castiel  bottom!Dean  bottom!Sam  dom!Lucifer  dom!Michael  kink:BDSM  kink:blasphemy  kink:bondage  kink:cock-cage  kink:cock-warming  kink:D/s  kink:fisting  kink:humiliation  kink:praise  kink:prayer  kink:rough-sex  kink:sex-toys  master!Lucifer  pet!Dean  pet!Sam  priest!Lucifer  priest!Michael  sub!Castiel  sub!Dean  sub!Sam  verse:Giving-Absolution  fandom:Supernatural  length:1K-5K 
december 2016 by casey679
Request: Castiel/Dean, alien enslavement, master/pet, non-con body modification
Castiel comes from an advanced alien species that often captures lesser life forms as exotic pets, including humans. So, when Earth (or Terra as the aliens call it) is set to be destroyed to make room for a new space highway, animal conservationists move in to collect enough specimens of each valuable Terran species to repopulate said species in captivity, and particularly with the goal of completely domesticating the entire remaining human population (of which they have collected quadruple the necessary specimens due to high demand), as wild humans will no longer exist from this point forward. From the collection of "rescued" humans, half are sent to the alien equivalent of a puppy mill, where they're paired up, bred continuously, and their children are sold as soon as they're weaned. The rest are sold to private buyers.

Castiel is one such private buyer. He's only ever had second-gen human pets (those born in captivity to parents who were born wild)and is drawn in by the idea that he's rescuing a wild human that would've been doomed to die if left on Terra. However, wild humans are a lot harder to have as pets as they're not domesticated and the older they are the harder they are to train. From the selection, Cas picks Dean, who is estimated to be about 18 years old and is quite surly and aggressive, making him a poor candidate for breeding as his aggressiveness is an unwanted trait that could taint his breeding line. Since he's never attempted to train/domesticate a wildborn human before, and since Dean isn't good for breeding anyway, Cas follows his veterinarian's advice and has Dean neutered, which is considered the best way to make wildborn males docile and easier to train and also ensures that Dean won't attempt to mount one of Castiel's female human pets.

If anon can manage it, I'd love to get both Castiel's and Dean's POVs, since Cas just thinks he's being a good, responsible pet owner while Dean would be horrified by his situation and what's been done to him.

Any other kinks are welcome. Up to anon if Castiel's kind regard humans totally as animals and thus don't touch them beyond how a person would a normal pet, or if they also make use of humans sexually despite regarding them as non-sentient animals, but if they do use them sexually I'd prefer bottom!Dean only. Please don't reprompt with any changes.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel  alien  captivity  kink:pet-play  noncon  bodymodification  pet!Dean  au  alien!Castiel 
november 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: Castiel/Dean, catboys, waterworks, castration, dub-con
Sam has had catboy!Dean since he was a kitten and has never had any problems with Dean's behavior...until Sam gets a new roommate who comes with their own catboy, Castiel. With another intact catboy in the house, Dean becomes more aggressive, often growling and hissing at the other catboy. Sam and his roommate figure the catboys will fight it out, one will prove more dominant, the pecking order will be established and the two catboys will settle down. Unfortunately, that isn't the case. The two catboys fight it out and Dean loses every fight due to Castiel being older/bigger. Instead of settling into a submissive position below Cas, Dean's behavior just becomes worse, and he even starts urine spraying all over the apartment to mark his territory.

Sam and his roommate try everything to put a stop to the issue. They try building a positive relationship between the two catboys by playing with them together and giving them equal attention. They try spraying pet repellent in the areas Dean keeps spraying to discourage him from going there. Nothing seems to work. At the end of his rope, Sam asks the veterinarian for advice and he/she encourages Sam to have one or even both of the catboys neutered. It'll calm the catboy down and put an end to the spraying behavior.

Since Dean is the one acting up, and since he also lost his fight for dominance, Sam decides its only fair that Dean be the one who's neutered. He takes Dean to the vet and has it done right away and after Dean heals from it, Sam and his roommate reintroduce Dean and Cas. Cas quickly dominates Dean again only this time, as is normal between intact and neutered catboys, Cas puts Dean in his place not by beating him up as he had when Dean was still intact but by mounting him. Dean yowls pitfully all through it, but afterwards becomes totally submissive to Castiel, finally accepting his place, and allows himself to be mounted whenever Cas feels the urge, while Sam and his roommate are happy the two catboys are finally getting along.

Bottom!Dean only. Catboy!Dean should be between 15-16 while catboy!Cas should be several years older. Anon can feel free to add whatever other kinks they think will work, but please no a/b/o or mpreg. Don't reprompt with any changes.
:spn  fps  au  pairing:dean/castiel  catboys  pet!Dean  pet!Castiel  nothuman  castration  dubcon  underage 
november 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: ownerCas, petSam, petDean, dehumanization, stockholm syndrome
Humanity destroyed itself, in between causing climate change, and ensuing plagues, most people were living in the wreckage of what once had been society.

Then the aliens came. They didn't communicate with humanity, because to them, humans were just one of the many animal species on the planet, non-sentient, and unable to communicate in ways they were used to.

They altered the world further so it could become inhabitable to them, created their own homes and cities and made it their own. Humans trying to fight them on this were eradicated as pests, so most humans just backed away into the wilds, trying to survive. Only increasing the aliens notion that humans are just animals.

It doesn't help that the aliens are huge, at least twice or three times the size of a human, so even physically, humans don't stand a chance to them.

Dean and Sam were exploring out for food, going through the aliens garbage, hoping to find something to eat so they can get to safety, after their group was broken up. When Dean gets injured, Sam goes looking for help and he runs into Castiel, one of the aliens.

Castiel loves animals, and he feels sorry for the poor little hurt and hungry critters. He takes them home with him and nurses Dean back to health, deciding to keep them as pets. It's humiliating to the boys, especially once Cas puts a collar on them, and starts 'housetraining' them. But over time they get tamed and start liking their new owner. After all, there's no one left waiting for them, and at least with Cas they're fed, healthy, and have a roof over their heads.

Don't want the boys to be too old, aka Dean no older than 25, but he's just old enough to remember a time when humanity ruled the world, making it extra humiliating for him to be a pet, instead of owning a pet.
:spn  fps  pairing:none  kink:pet-play  dehumanization  kink:stockholm-syndrome  pet!Dean  pet!Sam  dom!Castiel 
november 2016 by Mayalaen
In Season
Dean is a bitch ready for his first breeding, and Castiel, his owner, is responsible for finding him a good stud. Thankfully, Gadreel has a well-trained stud named Sam.
bottom!Dean  dog-like!Dean  dog-like!Sam  pet!Dean  pet!Sam  pairing:Dean/Sam  AU:Angels-&-Demons  fandom:Supernatural  kink:bondage  kink:knotting  kink:cock-cage  kink:bestiality  kink:voyeurism  kink:breeding  kink:pet-play/puppy  tw:dub/non-con  AU:Human-Pets 
september 2015 by casey679
Dean didn’t talk, he was already deep enough in his head, just nodded. Sam reached up and closed the wide band of leather around Dean’s neck, buckling it in the back. The leather was scuffed and worn smooth, a simple black band with a D-ring in the front. They’d had it since before Sam went to Stanford. Dean had kept it. The whole time. Sam’s big hands cradled his head, thumbs brushing against the edge of the collar. “Good pup.”
bottom!Dean  pet!Dean  pairing:Dean/Sam  fandom:Supernatural  kink:rough-sex  kink:sex-toys  kink:enemas  kink:pet-play/puppy  kink:BDSM  kink:cock-warming  kink:watersports  kink:D/s 
july 2015 by casey679
Creature Comfort (J2, R, very AU)
Summary: In a future AU where some humans are held as pets, Jared’s pet is Jensen.
Author’s Note: Written for blindfold_spn, original prompt behind : AU society where some humans, for whatever reason, are raised as and live as pets (not sexual pets, just regular pets like a cat or dog). Jared owns Jensen.
au  j2  jared_jensen  slave!fic  slave!dean  pet!dean  unread  blindfold_spn 
november 2011 by nicky69
Summary: "I may have…bought a new housemate today," he said, slightly sheepish, and Azazel's eyes lit up in delight. He'd been pestering for Alistair to buy a Demon for months, worried that leaving Sam alone all day couldn't be good for him and that if Alistair bought a female they could always breed them and make more money. Azazel by no means saw Sam as just a stud, but if it helped then why not, you know?
Warnings: Animal-like interactions, Wing-porn, Rough sex, Dub-con/Non-con (There's a boundary between them somewhere), Language, DSM sort of dynamics, Violence.
spn  au  fic  wingfic  slave!fic  sam/dean  slash  pet!dean  STHD  dubcon  noncon  nc17  violence  read  demon!sam  angel!dean 
june 2010 by nicky69

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:spn  alien!castiel  alien  alpha!dean  alpha!sam  angel!dean  angst  au  au:abo-dynamics  au:angels-&-demons  au:bdsm-&-alt-lifestyles  au:human-pets  au:religion-&-the-church  blindfold_spn  bodymodification  bottom!castiel  bottom!dean  bottom!lucifer  bottom!sam  captivity  castration  catboys  dehumanization  demon!sam  dog-like!dean  dog-like!sam  dom!castiel  dom!lucifer  dom!michael  dubcon  fandom:supernatural  fic  fps  hurt!sam  j2  jared_jensen  kink:bdsm  kink:bestiality  kink:blasphemy  kink:body-modification  kink:bondage  kink:breeding  kink:castration  kink:cock-cage  kink:cock-warming  kink:d/s  kink:dehumanization  kink:dirty-talk  kink:enemas  kink:fisting  kink:forced-turning  kink:humiliation  kink:knotting  kink:medical  kink:mpreg  kink:orgasm-denial/delay  kink:pain-play  kink:pet-play/puppy  kink:pet-play  kink:praise  kink:prayer  kink:role-play  kink:rough-sex  kink:sex-toys  kink:spanking  kink:stockholm-syndrome  kink:voyeurism  kink:watersports  length:10k-15k  length:1k-5k  length:5k-10k  master!castiel  master!lucifer  nc17  noncon  nothuman  omega!sam  pairing:castiel/sam  pairing:dean/castiel/sam  pairing:dean/castiel  pairing:dean/sam  pairing:lucifer/dean/sam  pairing:michael/castiel  pairing:michael/lucifer  pairing:none  pet!castiel  pet!sam  priest!lucifer  priest!michael  read  sam/dean  slash  slave!dean  slave!fic  spn  sthd  sub!castiel  sub!dean  sub!sam  turning:alpha-to-omega  tw:dub/non-con  underage  unread  verse:giving-absolution  violence  wingfic 

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